Three Japanese Water Stones and Pond
Sharpening Kit

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  • Complete Japanese Water Stone Kit
  • 220 Grit Extra Coarse Water Stone
  • 2,000 Grit Medium Water Stone
  • 4,000 Grit Fine Polishing Water Stone
  • Water Pond Tray
  • Super Fast Reliable Sharpening
  • Excellent starter and Intermediate Sharpening Kit
The Three Japanese Water Stones & Pond consists of three superior quality Japanese Water Stone that are 210mm long by 70mm wide. The coarsest stone being rated at a 220 grit sizes stone and will cut through metal with amazing speed, bringing a seriously dilapidated blade back from the scrap heap to a useful tool that is ready for the next level of sharpening. This stone is ideal for use on blades that are chipped or severely dull.
The medium water stone is rated at a 2,000 grit particle size that will be able to produce a super sharp cutting edge on just about any knife, this sized stone would be for reaffirming and refining a cutting edge that is just past its prime condition.
The third water stone is a 4,000 grit sized stone that can turn your cutting tools from Super Sharp to Razor Sharp and even Scary Sharp, within just a few deft strokes along its super fine surface, it is also ideal for polishing a knife to bring out the full beauty of the blade.
These stones are mounted on ridged plastic bases that are connected at the edges with steel clips, to form a solid triangle of stones. This triangle of stones then sits in the special slots that are moulded into the substantial plastic water pond.
When a particular stone is required the triangular stone mounting is simply lifted from the pond moulding and turned so that it is face upwards, the triangular mount is then replaced in the ponds moulded slots ready for use. The pond itself can be left full of water ready for immediate use.
Japanese Water Stones require a 5-minute soaking in water before use. Water Stones should be liberally sprinkled with water, from the pond, whilst in use to remove the build up of slurry. This will speed up the sharpening process by allowing the new sharper grit particles to come into contact with the surface that is being sharpened.
It is advised that these stones are not left in water which may be subject to freezing as this may crack the stones. If the stones are not going to be used for a long time, or placed into storage, it is advised that they be cleaned and allowed to air dry.
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