Ice Bear
Japanese Waterstone
Sharpening Kit

Ice Bear Japanese Waterstone Sharpening Kit Photo shows the 800 grit Waterstone (Brown), the Nagura Stone (on 800 grit, brown, stone), the 6,000 grit Waterstone (Tan) being held in the black Non-Slip Waterstone Holder.
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  • High Quality Japanese Water Stones Sharpening Kit.
  • 800 Grit Japanese Waterstone.
  • 6,000 Grit Japanese Waterstone.
  • Japanese Nagura Polishing Waterstone
  • Non-Slip Waterstone Holder
The Ice Bear Waterstone Sharpening Kit is an ideal sharpening kit for those who need to keep their cutting tools in perfect working order. The kit consists of everything you need to attain a Razor Sharp, or even a Scary Sharp cutting edge on all of your cutting tools. Included in this well throughout sharpening kit are two high quality Japanese Water Stones, one is an 800 grit Waterstone that measure 200mm (8-inches) by 62mm (2 1/2-inches), and the other is a 6,000 grit Wastersone, which measures 175mm (7-inches) by 62mm (2 1/2-inches). The kit also includes a sturdy Non-Slip Rubber Stone Holder and a small specialized polishing and deglazing Nagura Stone. The 800 grit Japanese Waterstone enables you to quickly adjust the Relief Angle of the blade and then establish a new cutting edge, or simply restore a cutting edge that is just past its peak cutting performance and cannot be brought back with the 6,000 grit waterstone or a Honing Strop.
The 6,000 grit Japanese Waterstone is ideal for transforming a blade that is already sharp, but requires to be taken to the next level of sharpness and given a Razor Sharp cutting edge. it is also ideal when you wish to polish a near mirror finish to the cutting edge and sides of the blade.
The Non-Slip Rubber Stone Holder is absolutely essential for holding the stones in a stable position whilst sharpening is in progress. This allows you to maintain an accurate cutting angle whilst you are sharpening, which would be impossible if the Watestones were moving around. Moreover, you need to bear in mind that the underside of these Waterstones is just as abrasive as the top side and will just as easily wear away your counter or sink top if they are allowed to move around.
The Nagura Stone is an 8,000 grit particle size stone that is mainly used to create a slurry on the 6,000 grit stone. This slurry will deglaze the 6,000 grit stone should it become clogged with metal particles as well as change the nature of the 6,000 grit to nearer an 8,000 grit Waterstone, so that you can polish to a mirror finish your cutting tool.
This Complete Ice Bear Waterstone Sharpening Kit is the ultimate sharpening kit from amateur to the gifted professional. It will provide many, many years of reliable sharpening.
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