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Field Sharpening Kit
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Field Sharpening Kit - Deluxe in Canvas Bag The complete Field Sharpening Kit - Deluxe in Canvas Bag.
Field Sharpening Kit - Deluxe open with contents Photo shows the 240 grit water stone (Blue) next to the 6,000 grit water stone (Tan) in the watertight plastic box with a Non-Slip Mat in the lid. Sitting on the water stones are the White Jewellers Rouge and the Double-Sided Pocket Strop.
Field Sharpening Kit - Deluxe opened showing contents Photo shows the 240 grit water stone (Blue) next to the 800 grit water stone (Brown) in the watertight plastic box with a Non-Slip Mat in the lid. To the left of the box is the Double-Sided Pocket Strop and the White Jewellers Rouge. Everything is sitting on the Canvas Bag.
Field Sharpening Kit - Deluxe with contents displayed Photo shows the 240 grit water stone (Blue) next to the 6,000 grit water stone (Tan) in the watertight plastic box with a Non-Slip Mat in the lid. The lid is resting on a complete Field Sharpening Kit (Deluxe). Sitting on the 240 grit water stone is the White Jewellers Rouge and below the box is the Double-Sided Pocket Strop. A Complete Sharpening Kit.
  • A Complete Sharpening Kit.
  • Japanese Water Stones
  • Three Grits Sizes:
  • 250 Grit - Extra-Coarse (Blue)
  • 800 Grit -  Medium (Brown)
  • 6,000 Grit - Super-Fine (Tan)
  • For all of Your Sharpening Needs.
  • Best Quality Japanese Water Stone.
  • Double-Sided Leather Pocket Strop & Sleeve.
  • White Jewellers Rouge
  • Two Non-Slip Mats.
  • All in a Tough Watertight Container

This Field Sharpening Kit (Deluxe) is a superior quality sharpening kit that can be carried with you anywhere, enabling you to keep all your cutting tools like knives, penknives, axes, machetes and woodcarving tools etc, in a perfectly Razor Sharp condition no matter where you are.

The Field Sharpening Kit (Deluxe) is a complete sharpening kit that has four Japanese Water Stones, which measure approximately 80mm (3 1/4-inches) long by 50mm (2-inches) wide by 13mm (1/2-inch) deep, with three different sharpening grit sizes, 240, 800 and 6,000 as well as two Non-Slip Rubber Mats. The water stones and mats all neatly fit inside a tough plastic watertight box, measuring approximately 120mm (4 3/4-inches) long by 105mm (4 1/4-inches) wide by 35mm (1 3/8-inches) deep. The kit also comes complete with a Double-Sided Leather Pocket Stop, in its own leather protective leather sleeve, a quantity of White Jewellers Rouge and a high quality Canvas bag to contain everything in. The entire Field Sharpening Kit (Deluxe) measures approximately 190mm (7 1/2-inches) long by 110mm (4 1/2-inches) wide by 55mm (2-inches) deep and weighs in at approximately 562 grams, so it is small, and light, enough to be stored in a large pocket, ‘Possibles’ pouch or a backpack.

The four Japanese Water Stones are described as follows:

  • There is one 240 grit Japanese Water Stone (green-blue), which cuts metal with amazing speed and is therefore ideal for quickly and efficiently removing metal from badly chipped and neglected blades or for reconstructing a new bevel on chisels etc. It can also be used to re-true the other grit sized water stones in this kit.
  • There are two 800 grit Japanese Water Stones (brown), because this grit sized water stone is used twice as much as the other two grit sizes. The 800 grit water stone is mainly used to, re-establish or redefining the Relief of a blade and then establish the actual cutting edge up to a ‘Super Sharp’ level This level of sharpness may be sufficiently for certain cutting tools like Machetes, where sharpening may need to be done little and often. The 800 grit Japanese Water Stones is also used to flatten the backs of chisels and plane blades, leaving the metal with a with a smooth, but dull surface.
  • There is one super-fine 6,000 grit Japanese Water Stone (tan) that will polish a metal surface to a near perfect mirror finish, which is why it is perfect for taking a cutting edge from a ‘Super Sharp’ level, to a ‘Razor Sharp’, or even the ultimate ‘Scary Sharp’, level. It is also be used to re-establish a cutting edge that is just slightly past its peak / optimal cutting state, by using the stone as if it were a strop. Stropping is always performed by dragging a blade backwards across the surface of a strop and not pushing the cutting edge of the blade into the surface of the strop, which will cut it if it is made from leather, as most of them are.

Japanese Water Stones require at least a 5-minute soaking, in water, before they ready to be used, which means that if they are to be used on a daily basis it is advisable to keep them in a constantly wet condition, unless you have a spare 5-minutes to waste whilst soaking them each day that is. The major problem then, is where to keep water stones that are completely soaked through, without getting your clothing and other equipment soggy as well. The answer is, as you have probably guest, to keep them in some kind of heavy-duty watertight container that will also help protect the Japanese water stones from accidental damage. The tough plastic container that we use in this sharpening kit has a rubber ‘O’-ring gasket built-in to the lid, making the box completely watertight, preventing water from leaking out of it making your clothes or other equipment damp or wet, whilst at the same time, maintaining the water stones in a constant state of readiness. The box has a 90mm (3 1/2-inch) hinge and a strong, secure front catch, so it will not open by accident.

The two Non-Slip Rubber mats have a double purpose:

  1. They stabilise the water stones whilst sharpening is in progress. This enables you to maintain an accurate cutting angle, whilst you are sharpening, which would be virtually impossible to do if the water stones were sliding around.
  2. They also protect the water stones whilst they are being stored or transported. When packing the kit away after use, one of the Non-Slip Mats is placed in the base of the box, whilst the other Non-Slip Mat is placed in the lid, this sandwiches the water stones between the two mats, when the box lid is closed, firmly but gently cushion them, and preventing them from moving or bumping into each other.

Included in this deluxe kit version is the Double-Sided Pocket Strop, which is made from high quality specially treated leather that has been bonded to a solid beech wood platen. A leather sleeve is also provided so that the strop can be protected from contaminants whilst not in use. The strop itself measures approximately 90mm (3 1/2-inches) by 23mm (1-inch) wide by 13mm (1/2-inch) deep and weighs in at just 26 grams. One side the Double-Sided Pocket Strop is impregnated with White Jewellers Rouge (also included in this kit), which changes the nature of that side of the strop, transforming it into what is known as a ‘Honing Strop’. Within just a few strokes on a Honing Strop, you will be able to re-establish, to Razor sharpness, an already established sharp cutting edge that has just begun to lose its sharpness. Thus extends the period of time when the blade will need to be properly re-sharpened again. The side of the Double-Sided Pocket Strop that has not been treated with the White Jewellers Rouge, is used as a superior quality Standard Strop.

Japanese Water Stones are very efficient at honing metal, which is why Master Japanese sword makers have used them for hundreds of years. They cut through metal so rapidly because any of the sharpening grit that becomes dull with use, is quickly removes and replaced with new sharp grit particles underneath it. This fast turnaround of grit particles, and the metal that has been removed, is known as ’Slurry’, which needs to be removed if maximum sharpening efficiency is to be maintained. To remove this Slurry the surface of the water stone needs to be constantly sprinkling with water. The build up of Slurry, however, is not always a bad thing, since it effectively changes the water stones grit size to a finer grit size. Whilst this is not necessarily important at the 800-grit level, it is beneficial at the 6,000-grit level, where it in effect makes the super-fine water stone into an extra-super-fine water stone.

PLEASE NOTE: We strongly advise that these high quality Japanese Water Stones are not left in a wet condition if there is any possibility of them becoming frozen, as this may well cause them to crack.

We would also strongly advise that if water stones are going to be stored for any length of time in the watertight container, they should be cleaned and left to dry out thoroughly. Damp water stones kept in a watertight box will become mouldy, and whilst the mould will not affect the sharpening performance of the Japanese Water Stones, it is unsightly and may cause permanent staining.

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