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James Barry's Guide to Diamond Sharpening (DVD/DWS/JB)
James Barry's Guide to Diamond Sharpening (DVD/DWS/JB)
Trend - Diamond Sharpening DVD (DVD/DWS)
Razor Shark - Diamond Sharpening DVD (DVD/DWS)

James Barry's Guide to Diamond Sharpening (DVD/DWS/JB)

“Dont put up with blunt tools any longer.”
This handy 55-minute DVD by James Barry showing you how to sharpen a variety of tools for woodworking, gardening, domestic and hunting.

6-inch Tapered File (DWS/TF6/F)

  • Learn to Sharpen Hand Tools for Woodworking, Gardening, Domestic & Hunting.

With this DVD you will be able to sharpen all your tools, knives & gardening implements easily in just seconds.

James Barry has more than 25 years of experience in the Diamond sharpening market and has worked with a wide range of Tool Sharpening manufactures based all over the world, including Japan, USA, England, Germany, Chins and Switzerland.

He is highly regarded as one of the foremost experts in diamond sharpening due mainly to his “lively” demonstrations & performances at exhibitions worldwide.

The Razor Shark range has been the UK'sno.1 seller of British produced diamond whetstones since 2001, culminating in the 2006 award of “Excellence in Engineering” in the UK. Parts of the range are used by the likes of British Aerospace, Rolls Royce and The Royal Mint.


Length: 55 mins
Format: PAL

Razor Shark - Diamond Sharpening DVD

A DVD showing how to use and maintain Diamond Whetstones, has hints on sharpening a variety of tools.

6-inch Tapered File (DWS/TF6/F)

DVD Features:

  • The Diamond Edge.
  • Choosing Diamond Whetstones.
  • Using Diamond Whetstones.
  • Live Demonstrations.
  • Care &Amp; Maintenance.
  • Special Features.

Sharpening tools give the best finish and make tasks more productive and safer by requiring less effort. The Razor Shark range of Diamond Whetstones is designed to sharpen and hone tools, for optimum cutting performance.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, these whetstones are the product of over 30 years experience supplying diamond abrasives to Rolls Royce, British Aerospace and other leading manufactures.

These whetstones can be used to sharpen router cutters, chisels, planes, saw blades, turning chisels and other woodworking tools. They can also be used for honing knives, scissors, garden tools or almost any edge tool. They are up to 95% quicker than conventional sharpening methods and used correctly will give many years service keeping tool edges in peak condition.


1 x DVD
1 x A5 Booklet


Length: 35 mins
Format: PAL

All About Razor Shark Diamond Whetstone

Razor Shark Diamond Whetstone - The Diamond Edge

An overview of using Razor Shark Diamond Sharpening products explaining the benefits and difference between alternative brands. The Razor Shark range of Diamond Whetstones are designed to sharpen and hone tools, for optimum cutting performance. These whetstones are the product of over 30 years experience supplying diamond abrasives to Rolls Royce, British Aerospace and other leading manufacturers. See our full range of high quality Razor Shark - Diamond Whetstone sharpening equipment.

Razor Shark Diamond Grits Sizes

The Fine (F) Red - 25 Microns - 600 Grit/Mesh - is ideal for putting a razor sharp edge on a blade that is regularly maintained (i.e. for restoring any knife or tool that has just started to become slightly dull). This restoration, more often than not, is accomplished within just one or two strokes across the whetstone.

The Course (C) Blue - 45 Microns - 340 Grit/Mesh - is general used for rapidly honing and restoring dull edges on neglected tools, blade and general cutting tools such as joinery and High Speed Steel tooling, bringing them back to a sharp cutting edge again, also for re-shaping and rapid metal removal, fast action cutting, without worry of edge refinement.

Types of Diamond

Razor Shark Diamond Whetstones are renowned for their remarkable sharpening speed. This sharpening speed is a function of the quality of the micronized super abrasive, Monocrystaline Diamond that they use in all of their products.

Monocrystaline vs. Polycrystalline

The drawing shown below (Fig.1), demonstrates the view of Monocrystaline Diamond Crystals vs. Polycrystalline Diamond Crystals. It becomes obvious that the Polycrystalline diamonds will begin to fracture at the weakest points, which are shown where the surface is segmented.

Fig. 2. Monocrystaline vs. Polycrystalline

Polycrystalline Diamonds
(Weak diamonds that easily fragment)

Polycrystalline diamond are made in such a way that the process causes the diamonds to have microscopic flaws and fracture lines that are very weak and will fragmented when used. Polycrystalline diamond sharpening compounds rapidly break and wear away.

Many competitors use Polycrystalline diamonds; these diamonds will easily breaks apart, sometimes within minutes of use, fragmenting into a paste that is instantly washed away by any lubricant that is used. Some competitor’s even claim that their stones are constructed from multiple layers of diamonds, however, this only indicates the poor quality diamonds that being used. After all using high quality Monocrystaline diamonds on surface that is designed to wear away revealing new diamonds underneath would be a waste of these quality diamonds, since they will only be washed away ... better to use the much cheaper poorer quality Polycrystalline diamonds and save money.

Monocrystaline Diamond
(A Superior, Strong & Single Crystalline Diamond)

Monocrystaline diamonds (Element 6 Diamonds), on the other hand, are diamonds that are formed with a single crystalline structure. This pure unflawed diamond structure will not shatter and break down with use. Monocrystaline diamonds are very strong which will result in an exceptionally long life span. Monocrystaline diamond have the following properties:

  • Fast - Hardest material, the most efficient sharpening abrasive.
  • Easy - Light pressure produces an edge in seconds.
  • Clean - Use with Razor Shark lapping fluid to prevent rusting or clogging. Oils are too thick.
  • Versatile - Sharpens all hard materials including Tungsten Carbide & high speed steel.
  • Durable - Stays flat & has a long life.

A word of Caution! Low quality Polycrystalline diamonds are used in cheaper versions of diamond stones. These Polycrystalline diamonds are inherently flawed, causing them to quickly fragment and shatter upon use, this fragmentation effectively, changes the nature of the diamond stones grit size value, reducing the overall grinding speed and efficiency. What is worse than this is that with little continued use these cheap Polycrystalline diamonds continue to shatter until they have simply disintegrated away to nothing. In the world of diamond sharpening, you really do only get what you pay for. Polycrystalline diamonds are simply not fit for the job ... so, when only the very best will do, opt for Razor Shark Monocrystaline Sharpening Equipment.

PLEASE NOTE: The Tools shown in the above photos are not included in this sale.

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