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Shark Designs
Double-Sided Hand Strop Kit

  • Supplied with a high quality Canvas Bag.
  • Supplied with a high quality Jewellers Rouge.
  • A 220 by 50mm working surface on each side of the Strop.
  • Made from a solid beech wood platen.
  • Specially treated high quality leather.
  • Overall length is 300mm.

The Strop

The Double-Sided Hand Strop is exclusively made by Shark Designs; it is made to the highest quality, from a solid Beech wood platen that has superior quality, soft, supple specially treated leather on each side.

Although originally intended for stropping cutthroat razors, this Double-Sided Hand Strop serves equally well for most edge tools in the workshop, in the great outdoors or at home

Each side of the Double-Sided Hand Strop has a handy 220mm long and 50mm wide working surface, with specially treated leather facings that will enable you to maintain your razor sharp knife-edge with absolute ease. One side of the strop can be treated with a high quality Honing Paste, enabling you to polish off those micro-burrs at a much faster rate and allowing you achieve that little extra polished razor edge. The overall length of the Double-Sided Hand Strop is 300mm.

The Shark Double-Sided Hand Strop is both durable and aesthetically pleasing, and comes with the exclusive ‘Shark’ logo embossed onto it, making it a very special item. With proper care, it will last you years and years.

Any cutting tools that have been sharpened using the Japanese Water Stone - Combination 1000/6000 Grit, the Japanese Fine/Polishing 4000 Grit Water Stone or the Fallkniven Diamond/Ceramic Whetstone should be stropped to give a razor-sharp cutting edge. This will also ensure that your cutting tools stay razor-sharp for a lot longer.

Jewellers Rouge

  • Jewellers Rouge is easily applied to any leather strop,
  • Dramatically speeding up the ‘stropping’ process,
  • Achieving a razor sharp edge in a fraction of the time.

This stick of high quality Jewellers Rouge has been specially formulated to be used to the Double-Sided Hand Strop. Once applied, it will gently enable the removal of burrs and polish the cutting edges of knives, chisels, axes or plane irons, or any tool that requires a razor sharp cutting edge.

This Jewellers Rouge is ideal for removing the stains that can often form when cutting into certain high tannin woods such as Sweet Chestnut, and can easily remove small rust spots that may appear when a high carbon tool is stowed damp or wet. The removal of stains and rust spots can be accomplished by applying a little of the Jewellers Rouge directly to the rust spot and then rubbing it with your finger, or a cloth.

How to Use Jewellers Rouge

Judiciously smear this high quality Jewellers Rouge into the surface of your leather Strop, in an even thin coat. (Please Note: applying Jewellers Rouge to a normal Strop will convert the Strop into a Honing Strop). Each application of Jewellers Rouge should last for several sharpening sessions. Once you have coated the Honing Strop with your Jewellers Rouge take your knife, chisel or Plane Iron etc., and gently begin to strop it back and forth along the Honing Strops surface, using minimal pressure to do so.

Make sure that you drag the cutting edge and do not push it into the Honing Strop, or you will find that the cutting edge will cut into to surface of it. Repeat the stropping process about 10 to 20 times on each side of the cutting edge and you will soon achieve a polished razor edge. Using a high quality Jewellers Rouge will polish and remove any microscopic burrs from your cutting edge in a fraction of the time it would have taken without Jewellers Rouge.

After a few stropping strokes along the surface of the Honing Strop you will to see that a dark grey metallic layer begins to form, this is quite normal and is caused by the abrasive action of the Jewellers Rouge as it removes molecules of steel from the cutting edge.

When you are happy that the stropping process has been done to your satisfaction, you should carefully wipe away any excess Jewellers Rouge that may have built up on your knife, chisel etc. If you wish to then give the cutting edge a final little polish on a normal, untreated, Razor Strop, you must make sure that the cutting edge is thoroughly cleaned from any of the Jewellers Rouge or you will contaminate the untreated Razor Strop and effectively concert it into a Honing Strop.

The Canvas Bag

The Double-Sided Hand Strop is supplied with a high quality custom-made canvas bag with drawstring bag closure. The canvas bag will protect the Double-Sided Hand Strop from damage, dust and other particle contamination, and if one side of your Double-Sided Hand Strop is impregnated with a honing Compound, such as our Jewellers Rouge or Honing Paste, it can be stowed in the bag without other items becoming stained with any honing reside.

More information about the reasons why you should ‘Strop’ your cutting tools can be found on our Articles & Tips section.

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