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Shark Designs
Single and Double
Sided Hand Strops
(25-3080 & 25-3081)

  • A choice of one or two 220 by 50mm working surfaces.
  • Made from a solid beech wood platen.
  • Specially treated high quality leather.
  • Overall length is 300mm.

The Single and Double Sided Hand Strops - 25-3080 and 25-3081 are exclusively made by Shark Designs; they are made to the highest quality and in our own workshops, from a solid Beech Wood Platen that has superior quality, soft, supple specially treated leather on either one side or both sides, depending on your choice.

Although originally intended for stropping cutthroat razors, the Single and Double Sided Hand Strops serve equally well for most edge tools in the Workshop, in the Kitchen or in the Great Outdoors.

The overall length of these Hand Strops are 300mm including the Handle and each strop has either one 220mm by 50mm working surface or two - one each side. The Working surfaces are made from specially treated leather that will enable you to maintain your razor sharp knife-edge with absolute ease.

When charged with a quality Honing Compound, such as Tormec Honing Paste, the strop will become what is called a 'Honing Strop'. A Honing Strop has the potential to quickly keep all of your cutting tools in the most tip top razor sharp condition, AND for extended periods of time, before the need to re-sharpen them on a Sharpening Stone. Once treated with a Honing Paste the new Honing Strop will enable you to polish off all those blade dulling micro-burrs on your cutting tools, thus enabling you achieve a perfectly polished razor cutting edge in just seconds.

The Shark Single and Double Sided Hand Strops are both durable and ergonomically designed, and with proper care either Strop will give you years and years of untroubled reliable stropping service.

For more information about why you should ‘Strop’ your cutting tools can be found on our Articles & Tips section.

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