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Shark Designs
Mini-Double-Sided Pocket Strop
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  • Just 3.5 Inches Long.
  • Weighs Just 25 Grams.
  • Solid Beachwood Base.
  • Specially Treated High Quality Leather.
The Mini-Double-Sided Pocket Strop is a solid Beech wood base that has the finest quality, soft, supple leather on both sides, enabling one side to be kept as a normal Razor Strop with the other side being treated with a high quality Honing Paste or Jewellers Rouge.

Made from the same, specially treated leather as a cutthroat razor strop, this small Mini-Double-Sided Pocket Strop serves equally well for stropping most edge tools in the field, workshop or at home.

This handy, Mini-Double-Sided Pocket Strop, weighs in at just 25 grams, and measures 3.5 inches (90mm) long by 1 inch (25mm) wide by just a 5/8 inch (16mm) deep, giving a good working surface that will keep your knife in a razor sharp condition. The Mini-Double-Sided Pocket Strop is both durable and aesthetically pleasing, and comes with the ‘Shark’ logo embossed onto one side of it, making it a very special item exclusive to Shark Designs. With proper care, it will last you years and years.

The Mini-Double-Sided Pocket Strop can be treated with either a good quality Honing Paste, or a high quality Jewellers Rouge, enabling you to polish off any micro-burrs that often occur after sharpening a cutting tool. Although applying a Honing Paste, or Jewellers Rouge, allows the stropping process to be dramatically speeded up, it will none the less convert a Strop from a normal Razor Strop to a Honing Strop.

Any cutting tools that have been sharpened using the Japanese Water Stone - Combination 1000/6000 Grit, the Japanese Fine/Polishing 4000 Grit Water Stone or the Fallkniven Diamond/Ceramic Whetstone should be stropped to give a razor-sharp cutting edge. This will also ensure that your cutting tools stay razor-sharp for a lot longer.

More information about the reasons why you should ‘Strop’ your cutting tools can be found on our Articles & Tips section.

Home / Sharpening - Strops / Mini-Double-Sided Pocket Strop