(Superior Diamond Knife Sharpening)

DMT - Diamond Mini-Sharp The DMT - Dia-Sharp Diamond Sharpening Mini Hone Kit includes the following items:
3 x Files in Leather Case.
1 x Extra-Fine (Green).
1 x Fine (Red).
1 x Coarse (Blue).
DMT - Dia-Sharp Mini-Hone DMT - Dia-Sharp Mini-Hone.
Coarse (D2C)
DMT - Dia-Sharp Mini-Hone DMT - Dia-Sharp Mini-Hone.
Fine (D2F)
DMT - Dia-Sharp Mini-Hone DMT - Dia-Sharp Mini-Hone.
Extra-Fine (D2E)
  • DMT Superior Monocrystaline Diamonds, for durability & Strength.
  • Precision Flat; Guaranteed to Stay Flat.
  • Will Not Chip, Crack or Groove Like Sharpening Stones.
  • Excellent for Small and Pointed Tools.
  • Sharpens All Knives and Tools - Even Tungsten & Ceramic.
  • Water Lubricated.
  • Quick and Easy Flip Out Lid / Handle.
  • Very Durable and Versatile.

These superlative professional diamond sharpening files come in three grit sizes;

  • Coarse (C) Blue - / 45 microns / 325 Grit,
  • Fine (F) Red - 25 microns / 600 grit
  • Extra-Fine (E) Green – 9 microns / 1200 grit
Dia-Sharp Diamond File and are used for all knives and tools; they are also excellent for retouching tungsten carbide cutting tools as well as Ceramic knives. It will even hone glass, HSS and Stone. The Dia-Sharp Diamond Sharpening Mini Hone files measure in at 178 x 19 x 5mm with a Diamond Sharpening Area of 63 x 18mm.

The Dia-Sharp Diamond Sharpening Mini Hone sharpening files are made from Monocrystaline diamonds, which makes these files strong and very durable. The diamonds single crystalline structure makes them last longer and unlike Polycrystalline diamonds Monocrystaline diamonds will not break apart or shatter when in use as they do in many other, cheaper, diamond sharpeners.

Since diamond is the hardest substance known to man, and DMT use only the best grade diamonds and materials, these amazing sharpening files will last the average user a whole lifetimes worth of use.

The Dia-Sharp Diamond Sharpening Mini Hone files take a fraction of the time it would take on an ordinary oil stone to do the same job.

These files will easily sharpen tungsten cutting tools, which are used to cut steel on lathes and milling machines, since diamond is considerably harder than even tungsten.

These files are absolutely guaranteed to remain flat throughout their entire sharpening lives.

They use only water for lubrication.

The Dia-Sharp Diamond Sharpening Mini Hone files are ideally suited for home and workshop use and are perfectly sized to fit into a rucksack as an essential accompaniment for all Bushcraft Backpacking, Camping and Hiking expedition where the sharpening of knives machetes, axes and other tools is essential.

When compared with conventional sharpening stones, all DMT products work faster and sharpen exceedingly quick using light pressure, and they remain flat! It is important to note that all DMT diamond products are manufactured to the same high standard using the same high-quality Monocrystaline diamonds that makes sharpening with DMT superior.

What Each Grit Size is good for?

  • Extra-Extra Coarse (XX) Silver - 120 microns 120 Grit. The Extra-Extra Coarse is used when serious stock removal, in the fastest possible time, is required. It is ideal for the quick repair of nicked, chipped or otherwise damaged blades or for when a bevel angle needs to be changed. It is great for flattening other types of sharpening stones such as Japanese Water Stones or India Oilstones.
  • Extra-Coarse (X) Black - 60 microns 220 Grit. The Extra-Coarse is used when significant removal of material is needed for damaged tools. It is also great for flattening Water Stones.
  • Coarse (C) Blue - / 45 microns / 325 Grit. The Course is used to quickly restore a cutting edge on a neglected tool or blade. It is also great for flattening Water Stones.
  • Fine (F) Red - 25 microns / 600 grit. The Fine stone will put a keen edge on a regularly maintained tool.
  • Extra-Fine (E) Green – 9 microns / 1200 grit. The Extra-Fine stone is great for polishing and refining a cutting edge after sharpening has been done of a coarser stone.
  • Extra-Extra Fine (EE) Tan – 3 microns / 8000 grit. The Extra-Extra Fine stone provides the finest polished edge of all of the bonded diamond abrasives. This stone is used to create a mirror finish to a cutting edge after sharpening has been done of a coarser stone.

Simply the Best

DMT is the leading manufacturer of superior quality Monocrystaline diamond sharpening equipment throughout the world. Renowned by professionals for the quality of diamonds used in all of their products, DMT is simply the only real choice a professional should make.

Monocrystaline Vs. Polycrystalline Diamonds

The industrial grade diamonds used in all DMT products are diamonds that are known as ‘Monocrystaline’ diamonds, because this type of diamond has a single crystalline structure. Monocrystaline diamonds are manufactured without flaws or defects, into a single uniformed cohesive diamond, which will not shatter upon use. DMT Monocrystaline diamonds are simply the best diamonds for the job; they remain whole and stable throughout their entire working life, and should therefore last even the most demanding professional many, many years of trusted and reliable service.

A word of Caution! Low quality Polycrystalline diamonds are used in cheaper versions of diamond stones. These Polycrystalline diamonds are inherently flawed, causing them to quickly fragment and shatter upon use, this fragmentation effectively, changes the nature of the diamond stones grit size value, reducing the overall grinding speed and efficiency. What is worse than this is that with little continued use these cheap Polycrystalline diamonds continue to shatter until they have simply disintegrated away to nothing. In the world of diamond sharpening, you really do only get what you pay for. Polycrystalline diamonds are simply not fit for the job ... so, when only the very best will do, opt for DMT Monocrystaline Sharpening Equipment.

PLEASE NOTE: The Knives and other Tools etc, shown in the above photos are not included in this sale.

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