Quick Release Key Ring (1)

Open & Closed example of a Quick Release Key Ring Picture, top, shows the Quick Release Key Ring attached and picture, bottom, shows how the key ring is separated.
Examples and uses of the Quick Release Key Rings This picture show several of the many uses for this great little key ring. Each example can be separated from the main body of the key ring, ready for use, in about 2-seconds and reattaches in the same amount of time.
  • One x Quick Release Key Ring.
  • Strong Secure Attachment.
  • Easy & Fast One-Hand Attach/Detach Action.
  • Dependable Tough Product.
  • Secure Locking Mechanism, So No More Losing Vital Bits of Kit.

The Quick Release Key Ring is a great little device that allows you to securely attach keys, a pen or lock knife, a Fire-Flint or Torch, a whistle or any light pieces of kit that you can think of, to a tough 1 inch diameter Split Ring at one end of the Quick Release Key Ring. The other end of the Quick Release Key Ring can be attached to Key Fob, a belt, rucksack attachments or lanyard etc., again via another 1 inch Split Ring, yet separate the two halves with a simple one-hand squeezing action.

The simple to Use, One-Handed Operation works by pushing the quick release piston into the main barrel with your thumb, fore and middle fingers and you can then pull away one half of the key ring attachment with whatever is attached to it, leaving the other end still attached to your belt or lanyard etc. When you wish to re-attach the item to the other half of the Quick Release Key Ring you simply push them together until you hear a click. Once together they will stay together until you want the item released again. This cleaver little device was used by Ray Mears to hold his Fire-Flint to his belt; as shown in his Bushcraft Series where he demonstrates fire lighting with a Fire-Flint.

The Quick Release Key Ring measures approximately 80mm (3 3/16 Inches) from beginning of one Split Ring to the end of the other Split Ring, with each Split Ring measuring 25mm (1 inch) diameter. The main barrel of the Quick Release Key Ring measures 40mm (1 1/2 Inches) long by 10mm (3/8 Inch) Diameter at its widest point. The Quick Release Key Ring body is made from Nickel plated Brass.

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