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1oz Tobacco Tins (10)

  • 10 x Brand New 1oz Tobacco Tins.
  • Pocket Sized: 3¼ x 2½ x 7/8 Inches (84 x 65 X 23mm).
  • Water Tight Rubber Seal.
  • Sturdy Steel Construction.
  • Brass Plated Finish.
These brand new 1oz (25g) Tobacco Tins, which measure approximately 3¼ x 2½ x 7/8 Inches (84 x 65 X 23mm), are incredibly functional containers, especially when used during outdoor activities, such as Bushcraft, Camping, Military and Survival training exercises etc., since their compact size enable you to stow them safely, easily and comfortably in a pocket or rucksack etc., yet they are big enough to contain many small useful items that could so easily fall out of a pocket. These, unobtrusive, tins can keep small important pieces of Kit securely together, and because they are made from steel, finished with brass, and are also waterproof, you know that your possessions will be protected, safe and dry. Since these Tobacco Tins are made from steel they are also extremely durable, and can also be visually customised with spray paints to enable instant visual identification of their contents.
Tobacco tins are often used by many outdoor enthusiasts and survivalists etc. to protect a whole variety of small useful items that they wish to keep in one secure place and about their person. They are often used as Survival Kits, Tinder-boxes, Fire Kits, Personal First Aid Kits, Odds & Sods Tins, and also of course as tobacco tins for the smoker.
These tins are the perfect size, tried and tested over many decades by millions of people. They will easily, and comfortably, fit in your pocket and yet not feel like they are in the way, and if you should accidentally sit on one it will not get crushed.
Other Uses
These tins are, also, commonly used by wood and metal workers for nails, nuts & bolts, drills and other essential components, as well as crafts people for scalpel blades, needles / pins and odds & sods that are best kept together neatly and securely in one place.
The uses for these tins are only limited by your imagination.
You can't have too many of them! Once used one is never enough!

This sale is fore Ten x 1oz tobacco tins.