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Weaver Leather
Hand-Operated Leather Splitter

Weaver Leather - Master Tools Hand-Operated Leather Splitter Photo shows Weaver Leather - Hand-Operated Leather Splitter
Leather Slitter
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Replacement Cutting Blade
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  • Features an adjustment lever to accommodate almost any leather thickness (3 oz. - 14 oz.).
  • Roller bearings provide long life and dependability.
  • Ready to mount on your workbench.
  • Specially-designed by Weaver Leather to provide you with years of dependable service.
  • Instruction sheet and blade positioning device come with each machine.
  • Hollow ground replacement blade available for your convenience.
  • Weighs approximately 150 lbs. including shipping crate.

The Weaver Leather - Hand-Operated Leather Splitter is a professional leather splitting machine that is an efficient, and economical, alternative to splitting leather by hand. Since this machine is powered by entirely by hand it can be placed anywhere in your workshop without the need for a mains power supply. The Leather Splitter will save you an incredible amount of time, as well as effort, because it can easily split just about any thickness of leather down to between 3oz (1.19mm) thick and 14oz (5.57mm) thick by simply turning the Hand Crank.

The Weaver Leather - Hand-Operated Leather Splitter has two Feed Rollers that guide the leather through, and past, the machines heavy duty Cutting Blade, so any leather that is split by this machine, will be split to a uniform, accurate and smooth finish and thickness. It will split almost any thickness of leather down to your desired thickness with ease making it a perfect machine for all smaller sized splitting projects of any length and up to 8 Inches wide. It is also worth pointing out that this great little Splitter has been designed and built with roller bearings so you can be sure that you will achieve accurate, smooth, dependable and trouble-free splits again, and again, and again by just the turning the handle.

Weaver Leather Splitter Vs. Other Splitters

Because leather is a natural material, it is not always as consistent as a man-made fibre would be. This means that the Grain of the leather will vary in its density and strength from one area to another. Unlike the Weaver Leather - Hand-Operated Leather Splitter, other, non-powered style, splitters have a tendency to cause the leather to be inaccurately and unevenly split along its length due, in main, to the stretching of the leather as it is pulled past the Cutting Blade. The issue is that the part of the leather that is being pulled, by necessity, once it has past the Cutting Blade is still under tension, by the pulling action. And since the leather has, at that point been split, it will have, naturally become thinner. The thinner the leather becomes the weaker it becomes and therefore the more it will be prone to inconsistent stretching, which will cause the irregularity that is associated with non-powered Splitters, or Manual Pulling Splitters.

A second issue is that the part of the leather that has been split, but is now not under tension (i.e. the split that is above the Cutting Blade and is not being pulled that is) can cause a kind of back pressure on the leather/blade interface, by pushing down on that boundary as the leather bunches. Whilst this is not really a problem when the Cutting Blade is razor sharp, it becomes a problem that compounds itself as the blade gradually dulls. To compensate for a dulling blade the tension must be increased and applied to both parts of the split, if the leather is to be pulled through the machine. This in turn will cause more stretch and therefore more discrepancies and irregularities in the split leather.

Yet a third issue can arise with non-powered splitters. Because non-powered Splitters usually only have a single Roller Guide and do not have two Feed Rollers Guides like the Weaver Leather Splitter, the leather is prone to excessive wandering along the length of the blade. Given that Roller Guides only support the leather as it is about to pass through the Cutting Blade the splitting action itself relies on the operator’s skill at maintaining a strong and even pull to split leather properly. As with anything guided and powered by Flesh & Bone, the necessary flexibility that allow us to survive the ‘ ... Slings and Arrow of outrageous fortune ...’ also causes meaningfully large flexing and other factors to creep into our actions. The long and the short of it all, is that these variables can compound to cause the leather to ‘Self-Guide’ or ‘Steer’ itself past the Cutting Blade, riding upwards towards one side. If this error is not immediately corrected the blade will simply slice through the leather creating a wavy tapered skive effect, which is not what you want to happen.

The Weaver Leather - Hand-Operated Leather Splitter, on the other hand is a powered machine, all be it by hand, which means that it needs to have a couple of Feed Rollers to guide the leather past the Cutting Blade. As the leather is drawn between the two Feed Rollers maintain an even pressure on both sides of the leather and throughout its thickness, the leather is therefore gently, but firmly squeeze between the two rollers as it is forced past the Cutting Blade. Any variations in leather thickness are compensated for by the spring loaded bottom Feed Roller, which moves up and down as the leather thickness increases or decreases thus maintaining a constant and even pressure between the two Feed Rollers. It is the job of the top Feed Roller to maintain a constant and even predetermined parallel gap between itself and the Cutting Blade as well as to cause counter pressure to that eminating from the bottom Feed Roller. The long and the short of this is that the leather is split evenly and smoothly along its length. All the operator needs do is Crank the handle to power the Feed Rollers and perfect splitting results will be achieves each and every time the Waver Leather Splitter is used.

Service and Replacements

Because the Weaver - Hand-Operated Leather Splitter has been designed for dependability, performance and durability that will last through the decades to come, very little can ever go wrong with this machine. Just give it a quick oiling every now and then and it will never let you down. There is just one parts of this machine that will ever wear and this the ‘Cutting Blades’. The Leather Splitter comes with instructions about how to remove and replace the Cutting Blade as well as some useful tips on how it can easily be re-sharpened. You can also see how to use the Splitter on the YouTube video shown below and how best the Weaver - Hand-Operated Leather Splitter can work for you.

The Splitter is delivered to you complete ready to be used along with a special Cutting Blade Gauge that will enable you to accurately place the Cutting Blade back into the Leather Splitter once a dull blade has been removed or re-sharpening. It is recommended that a spare Cutting Blade also be purchased along with the Leather Splitter, so that you will always have your Leather Splitter in perfect working condition whilst your main Cutting Blade is being sharpened. Additional Cutting Blades are sold separately.

About Weaver Leather

Over 30 years of manufacturing experience have gone into Weaver Leather’s line of Master Tools Machinery. Designed with the professional leatherworker in mind, Weaver Leather’s machines offer superb performance at great prices. You'll find their line of Master Tools machinery provides some of the best values on the market.

Each machine is designed to save you both time and money. The staff at Weaver Leather have personally used each and every one of their machines and have utilized input from customers to make them meet and exceed all of your expectations. These quality-made machines are constructed by Weaver Leather and local craftspeople for dependable performance.

Hand-Operated Leather Splitter on YouTube

Weaver Leather - Hand-Operated Leather Splitter

This video shows how best to operate and maintain your Weaver Leather - Hand-Operated Leather Splitter.

* Please read the following before you make any purchase of this item:
  • This item is shipped directly from the United States to you via Fedex and can take 1 to 2 weeks for delivery.

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