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Bushcraft Knife Sheath

Bushcraft Knife Sheath (Low-Ride) Front View Bushcraft Knife Sheath (Low-Ride) Front View.
Bushcraft Knife Sheath (Low-Ride) Back View Bushcraft Knife Sheath (Low-Ride) Back View
Bushcraft Knife Sheath (High-Ride) with Mora 'Clipper' Although this picture shows the Bushcraft Knife Sheath (High-Ride) with Mora 'Clipper', it also shows how the knife fits in the sheath.
  • High Quality Leather.
  • Secure Friction Fit.
  • Low–Ride Sheath.
  • Hard Leather Welt.
  • Fully ‘Saddle’ Stitched Seams.
  • Custom Made.

This high quality hand- made Shark Designs – Bushcraft Knife Sheath is designed to replace the very basic plastic sheath that is supplied with most of the Mora knives that are sold. This sheath is made from only the very best top grade 3.5mm vegetable tanned leather, and is completely ‘Saddle’ stitched by hand.

This Shark Designs – Bushcraft Knife Sheath has been made in what is known as a ‘Low-Ride’ style. This means that the sheath’s belt loop is slightly longer, and stitched at a higher position on the sheath than the ‘High-Ride’ sheath, enabling the sheath to be worn in a slightly lower position on the belt. Where the sheath is worn is purely a matter of the user’s personal preference, and does not affect the quality or function of the sheath. If you would like the same style sheath, but would prefer to wear your knife in a higher position on your belt, please Click Shark Designs – Bushcraft Knife Sheath (High-Ride).

Bushcraft Knife Sheath (Low-Ride) will securely house the Mora ‘Clipper’ as well as most of the other Mora styles of knifes. The list includes the following knife styles: - 2010, 860, 860MG (Stainless & Carbon), 911, 946, 511, 546, 711, 746, 860F, Clipper Rescue, 137, 105, 106 and 120. (The fit may vary from knife to knife).

This style of sheath is also known as a ‘Friction-Fit’ sheath, which means that the knife is held in place, within the sheath by the sheath leather and not by any straps, that usually stretch and therefore cease to hold knife in place properly, or studs that will wear out or break. A ‘Friction-Fit’ sheath covers about two-thirds of the knife handle giving it a clean aesthetically pleasing appearance that will hold your knife safely and securely in place whilst out in the field.

An essential feature of any well-made, high quality, sheath is a ‘Welt’. A ‘Welt ‘lies between the two sides of the sheath, along the cutting edge and should be made from a material that can:

  1. Protect the cutting edge of the knife whilst in the sheath.
  2. Protect the sheath from the cutting edge of the knife (i.e. preventing the knife’s cutting edge from slicing into the leather or stitching) and
  3. Provide the sheath with structural rigidity.
By far the best, and most practical, material for this crucial structure is a thick piece of stiff, hardened leather.
It is important to note that any sheath that does not have a ‘Welt’ is potentially dangerous to the user. This is because the cutting edge could easily slice through the sides of the leather or even through the stitch-line and cause serious damage to whoever is holding or wearing it at the time. Many cheaper sheaths on the market do not have a Welt, since adding one will significantly add to the cost of manufacture. Therefore, to save money and get round the safety issues that are raised by not having a Welt some manufacturers simply rivet the sheath together at key points. Whilst this may seem to solve the problems of cost and safety, it comes at the expense of your knife’s cutting edge. After all, the purpose of a knife is to have and keep the very sharpest cutting edge that can be attained, which is not going to happen if it is constantly coming into contact with a metal rivet, as the knife is withdrawn and sheathed… so beware of cheap sheathes, they are dangerous and bad for your knife!

Please Note:
  • This sheath is available for both Left and Right Handed users, so it is important that you select the correct handedness of your sheath.
  • All sheaths are hand-made to order.

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