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1-3/4 Inches Wide
Leather 'Professional' (1.75) - 911 Belt
“A professional, classic, leather belt ideal for heavy work wear.”

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Photo shows the Leather 'Professional' (1.75) - 911 Belt in Black. Photo shows the Leather 'Professional' (1.75) - 911 Belt in Black.
Photo shows the Leather Professional Belt – '911' coiled. Photo shows the Leather 'Professional' - 900 Series Belt coiled.
Photo shows the Light-Tan Classic 501 with solid Brass ‘Bristol’ buckle. Photo shows the Leather 'Professional' - 900 Series Belt with a close-up on the stitching and buckle.
  • A Stylish Work Wear Leather Belt.
  • Used by Bushcraft & Survival Enthusiasts, Police and Fire Brigade Personnel.
  • Heavy Duty - yet Supple - Bridle Butt Leather.
  • Solid Brass ‘Head Collar Roller' Buckle.
  • Fully Hand ‘Saddle’ Stitched.
  • 1-3/4 Inches Wide.
  • A Belt That is as Tough as it Gets.

What Makes a ‘Professional’ Series Belt?

The 'Professional' (1.75) - 911 Belt is handmade from a single piece of the finest quality Full-Grained 1-¾ inch wide, 5mm (+/-) thick, hot oil dipped, Bridle Butt leather. Moreover, to make this one of the toughest wearing ‘Professional’ belts on the market, we needed to add a really tough Solid Brass buckle, so we fitted it with a genuine, heavy-duty, ‘Head Collar Roller' buckle. Each the 'Professional' (1.75) - 911 Belt also comes complete with two hand stitched leather loops; the first loop is fixed at the buckle and the second loop is left free running to keep the loose end of the belt in place whilst it is being worn.

It’s Strength That Counts.

To make a belt that is worthy of being used by Bushcraft & Survival Enthusiasts, Police and Fire Brigade Personnel the 'Professional' (1.75) - 911 Belt is closely styled on the way harness makers have been constructing heavy duty traditional Harness-Straps for many hundreds if not thousands of years. Since a Harness-Strap is an integral part of just about all Carthorse Tack it needed to be incredibly strong, it needed to be built to withstand the stresses of a huge 17-hands high, Shire Horse pulling a fully loaded cart that could weigh several tonnes. So this was our starting point, we construct each 'Professional' (1.75) - 911 Belt so that you can be sure it will last for many years of reliable heavy working years and still look smart. We can honestly say that this top of the range heavy-duty work-wear belt is made for the most discerning outdoor professional. It is both comfortable and stylish, designed to be worn 7 days a week, 365 days a year and still look smart.

Over Engineered?

You might think that a belt made to these very high standards would be perhaps … over engineered and that would make it clumsy and hard to wear comfortably, if you did, or do, we would like to convince you otherwise:

  1. Since these belts are completely handmade we are able to round off the edges that would otherwise cut into your stomach if worn near to the skin. This is a detail that is missing on many styles of belt on the market today, since it takes time to do properly and most people would not consider it important until it starts to cut into the skin and cause chafing at the waist.
  2. The leather has been treated so that it is soft and supple, yet still retains all of the strength that is associated with the best part of a leather hide … the Butt. The leather is hot oil dipped so that it will significantly increase its lifespan, retain its strength and not dry out over time.
  3. The Buckle has been Hand-Stitched to the belt with the leather buckle loop facing outwards. Whilst at first glance this may appear to be the wrong way round, it is constructed this way round for a good reason. Having the leather buckle loop facing outwards, and not inwards as you might expect, allows the interior surface of the belt - the part that is nearest to the skin - to remain smooth and continuous for greater comfort. This prevents the belt from chafing or dig into the stomach causing discomfort when the belt is worn for extended periods of time, yet still maintains the necessary strength and reliability that is required from a belt of this nature.
  4. The thickness and width of the ‘Professional’ - 911 - 134 Belt enables you to attach Belt Loops, ‘Possibles’ Pouches, Sheathes and Holsters etc for carrying heavier essential equipment that is needed for prompt use.

Stitching the Seams.

Each of our Shark Designs - ‘Professional’ series belts is handmade to order, using the traditional ‘Double Handed Saddler’s Stitch’. The ‘Saddler’s Stitch’ is arguably the strongest and most reliable method of stitching two pieces of leather together forming a significantly stronger seam than anything that has been sewn on a sewing machine. With the ‘Saddler’s Stitch’, each line of the thread creates a single, continuously stitched seam that is completely independent from the other line of thread, effectively giving the item a double stitched seam. The special thread we use is called “Tiger thread”, which is unquestionably the strongest and most reliable hand sewing thread on the market today. When leather is sewn together using the “Double Handed Saddler's Stitch” and “Tiger Thread” you can be sure that, under normal operating conditions, it will never come apart at the seams.

Who Would Use A ‘Professional’ Series Belt?

Both the ‘Bushcraft’ – 800 series and the 'Professional’ - 900 series of Shark Designs belts are suitable for all outdoor professionals from Police, Ambulance, Fire Brigade and Security Guard personnel, to Survivalist and Bushcraft Enthusiasts, Hikers, Campers, and Scouts etc. We would, however, recommend that you choose one of the ‘Bushcraft’ – 801 belts, when a lighter work wear belt would be more suitable for work and casual needs.

The 'Professional' (1.75) - 911 Belt and the Emergency Services.

Many of the customers who have purchased this exceptional quality belt are members of the emergency services, such as the Police, Ambulance, Fire Brigade and Security Forces. Many have purchased one of our ‘Professional’ series belts because of their superior strength, durability and smart (clean-cut) traditional look. These, functional belts are usually made in black or dark brown Butt leather so that they can be worn as part of a formal, or work-wear, professional uniform and are made longer than most other belts, so that they can be worn over outer jackets and other thicker outer garments.

The 'Professional' (1.75) - 911 Belt and Bushcraft, Survival and Camping Enthusiasts.

The Shark Designs 'Professional' (1.75) - 911 Belt is a classic style belt that is durable and very tough, yet the inner surface of the belt is soft enough to be used as a knife strop, it can be used, in an emergency, to lash things together (although your trousers may fall down!). We feel, however, that you probably will not want to treat your belt with anything but loving deference, especially when you see the high quality of workmanship and care that goes into making each belt.

The 'Professional' (1.75) - 911 Belt as a Casual Wear Belt.

The Shark Designs 'Professional' (1.75) - 911 Belt is a hard wearing, high-quality, classic designed belt, which can be used as a casual wear accessory as well as a Heavy-Duty Work-Wear belt. It looks great with Jeans, Military and Combat Trousers or Cargo Pants.

We offer two main traditional colours to choose from with our exclusive range of belts - Brown and Black, however if you would like another custom colour please contact us, we will be happy to help you.


It is important that we have your actual waist measurement so that we can make your belt to the correct length. Please follow this link, for more information about 'How to Take Your Waist Measurement'.

If you would like any advice about waist measurement please phone (01634 241 049) or email (info@sharkdesigns.co.uk) we will be happy to help you.

More information about our complete range of handmade classic leather belts can be found on our Bushcraft Articles and Tips section.

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