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Leather Belt Loops
with Bridal Hooks
& Sam Browne Studs Fastening
16mm & 25mm Width
(2 per pack)

16mm Belt Loops with Bridle Hook attachment. 16mm Leather Belt Loop with Bridle Hook attachment.
Photo shows the Leather Belt Loop with Cast Bridle Hook attachment placed on a 911 Leather Belt. 16mm Leather Belt Loop with Cast Bridle Hook attachment placed on a 911 Leather Belt.
  • Solid brass Sam Browne fastening.
  • Attached to any belt within seconds.
  • Removed from any belt within seconds.
  • Secure and reliable fastening technology.
  • Available in 16mm (5/8-inch) or 25mm (1-inch) wide fittings
  • Fits all belts up to 1-1/2 inches (38mm).
  • Made from 3.5mm (+/-) best quality Veg Tanned leather.
  • Solid brass attachments.
  • Ideal for attaching small items directly to your belt.
  • Instant & secure one-handed use.
  • All handmade.
  • All hand-stitched.

These high quality, handmade, Belt Loops are ideal for anyone who wishes to securely fasten small, lightweight, items of equipment to their belt, for fast-unobstructed access when the item is required for immediate use. All of the metal fittings are made from high quality solid brass, which never rusts, are incredibly robust and have a traditional aesthetically pleasing look and feel.

Leather Quality

These superb quality Leather Belt Loops are specifically designed to fit our range of Professional  Leather Belts, however, they can be just as easily fitted to any belt that is up to, and including, 1-1/2 inches wide. Our Leather Belt Loops are made from the finest quality 3.5mm (+/-) Vegatable Tanned Leather, so they will withstand many years of hard use. The belt loop attachments are hand Saddle Stitched using braded Tiger thread, which is arguably the strongest sewing thread in the world.

Sam Browne Studs

These very useful belt loops are attached to your belt via a Sam Browne fastening stud, which is a proven, reliable and very simple military fastening technology, invented in the 19th century by British army officer called Sam Browne, who had the misfortune to lose his left arm whilst serving in India. Naturally, therefore, Sam Browne studs enable you fastening two items together with just one hand and in only a couple of seconds. Using the KISS principle, as a guide, Sam Browne studs really have nothing that can go wrong with them, they simply work by pressed the brass Sam Browne stud through a specially prepared eyelet in another piece of leather. Moreover, this simple, reliable fastening system has been adopted by many of the worlds army and police force, being used as part of their uniforms and other pieces of kit.

When buttoned together with the Sam Browne studs the fastening is very secure, enabling you to relocate the belt loops to any part of your belt without the need to remove your belt to do so. You can, therefore, remove, attach or adjust the loops around your belt, positioning them where they feel most appropriate and comfortable, without the usual fuss that would normally accompany this procedure.

Belt Loop Fitting Width

The Leather Belt Loops are available with either 16mm (5/8-inch) or 25mm (1-inch) wide fittings.

When choosing which width fitting that you need, please bear in mind the type of kit that you will be attaching to your belt. If the kit is lightweight, such as a Compass, Pocket Knife or Fire Flint, you would be advised to use the 16mm (5/8-inch) wide belt loop. However, if the piece of kit is heavier, such as a Water Bottle or Possibles Pouch, then we would recommend that the extra wide, 25mm (1-inch), belt loop be uses, since it will distributing the added extra weight more evenly across the belt.


Our Leather Belt Loops are available in three distinctive styles, each with a different end attachment or fitting. These include the Leather Belt Loop with Bridle Hook attachment, Trigger Hook attachment and Dee- Ring attachment. Each type of attachment is made from high quality solid brass that will last for many, many years of reliable and trustworthy service.

The Leather Belt Loop with Cast Bridle Hook Attachment.

This style of Leather Belt Loop comes complete with a super tough, top quality soild brass Cast Bridle Hook, enabling you to simply and easily attach essential items of equipment your Belt Loop keeping them close to hand.

Most kinds of small equipment, these days, are supplied with some kind of lanyard attachment, such as Split Rings,  Dee-Rings or Hooks and Swivel Fittings, so they are ideally suited to anyone who wishes to securely fasten small, lightweight, items to their belt for fast-unobstructed access. The Cast Bridle Hook does not allow attached items to swivel on the Belt Loops, which enables you to place, and then keep items, such as Pouches, Sheathes and Canteen Pouches that have a specific front and back in one line of orientation.

These hooks are designed to be used with just one-hand so that small pieces of kit can instantly be securely attached, and then when needed smoothly and quickly removed, from the belt loop. Each durable solid brass hook is equipped with a spring loaded safety latch that prevents anything fastened to it from disengaging until it is required for use.

If you would like your Belt Loop in other colour please Contact Us with your request.

Please Note: - The belt shown on this page is not included in this sale.

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