Shark Tinderbox
Medium ‘Possibles’ Pouch

  • Best Quality Leather
  • Belt Loop Fits All Belts Up To 1-3/4 Inches (45mm)
  • Size (Approx): 7-1/2 inches Wide by 5-1/4 inches High by 1-1/4 inches Deep.
  • Size (Approx): 190mm Wide by 133mm High by 32mm Deep.
  • Will Accommodate a 2oz Tobacco Tin
  • Weight (Approx): 220g

The Medium ‘Possibles’ Pouch has now been included in our Back-To-Basics Range of leather goods. It is hand-made from the finest quality vegetable tanned 3.5mm (+/-) thick, soft, supple leather that has been fitted with two high quality Press Studs as Standard. The Press Studs allow the pouch to be opened and then securely closed with just one-hand. A strong full-belt-loop has been Hand-Stitched to the rear of the pouch so that it can be fitted to any belt that is up to 1-3/4 Inches (45mm) wide. The pouches dimensions are approximately 7-1/2 inches (190mm) Wide by 5-1/4 inches (133mm) High by 1-1/4 inches (32mm) Deep, weighing in at just under 220 grams.

The Medium ‘Possibles’ Pouch is ideal for Bushcraft enthusiast, Survivalist, Camper, Hiker or anyone who wants a medium sized high quality leather ‘Possibles’ pouch that can be used with, or without, a 2oz Tobacco ‘Possibles’ tin or for such items as Tinderboxes, Mini-First Aid Kits, Field Sharpening Kits, Wallets, Mobile Phones, Cameras and Glasses etc. In Fact the list is so long we have to call it a ‘Possibles’ Pouch.

Why Tobacco Tins?

The basic idea of using a Tobacco Tin, was to contain and protect a whole host of smaller, valuable or delicate items that might otherwise, if loose within a pouch, fall out and become lost, become damaged in some way or become jumbled up. Also, you can use these great little tins to group together items that you need all in one place, such as in a Tinderbox of other fire lighting kits, needles and thread, Survival gear in fact just about anything that you can think of that will fit inside a tin of this kind. As such, Tobacco Tins are considered by many to be the perfectly sized container, the epitome of the ‘Goldilocks Principle’ in that they are neither too big nor too small, too heavy, too flimsy (being made of Steel). They are just the right size to be comfortable in the hand, hold just the right amount of small items and because they have a rubber gasket in the lid, they are water and air tight (Resistant) and will therefore keep the items placed in them well protected and dry.

The Tobacco Tin was developed over many decades, by the Tobacco industry to be lightweight, easy and cheap to manufacture, yet be tough enough to withstand the rigours of constant daily use. You can sit on them, banged them around, dent them, open them and close them hundreds of times per day, dropped them, kick them around and generally given them a pretty hard time, and yet through all of this they will still protect the delicate items placed within them … to this end they are still manufactured as a ‘Possibles’ tin, although not necessarily for placing tobacco in them.

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