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Gusseted Possibles’ Pouch<

Photo shows the front view of the 1oz Gusseted ‘Possibles’ Tin Pouch Photo shows the front view of the 1oz Gusseted ‘Possibles’ Tin Pouch
Photo shows the Side view of the 1oz Gusseted ‘Possibles’ Tin Pouch Photo shows the Side view of the 1oz Gusseted ‘Possibles’ Tin Pouch
Photo shows the Back view of the 1oz Gusseted ‘Possibles’ Tin Pouch Photo shows the Back view of the 1oz Gusseted ‘Possibles’ Tin Pouch
  • Best Quality Leather
  • All Handmade
  • Sinew Cross Stitched Throughout
  • Belt Loop Fits All Belts Up To 1-3/4 Inches
  • Internal Size (Approx): W 100mm by H 85mm by D 40mm
  • Will House a Standard 1oz or 2oz Tobacco Tin
  • Weight (Approx): 156g

The 1oz Gusseted ‘Possibles’ Tin Pouch is hand-made from the finest quality vegetable tanned 3.5mm (+/-) thick, soft, supple leather that has been fitted with a high quality solid Brass ‘Sam Browne Stud’ that can be opened and then securely closed with just one-hand. A strong full-belt-loop has been Hand Sinew Cross Stitched to the rear of the pouch so that it can be fitted to any belt that is up to 1-3/4 Inches wide. The internal dimensions of each Pouch measures approximately 100mm (4 inches) Wide by 85mm (3-1/2 inches) High by 40mm (1-1/2 inches) Deep, and weighs about 156 grams.

A lot of thought went into the making of the 1oz Gusseted ‘Possibles’ Tin Pouch, and although the original 1oz ‘Possibles’ Tin Pouch was specifically designed to house the smaller of two types of tobacco tin, namely the 1oz Tobacco Tin, by the addition of the leather gusset, the 1oz Gusseted ‘Possibles’ Tin Pouch is now large enough to accommodate the 2oz Tobacco Tin as well.

The 1oz Gusseted ‘Possibles’ Tin Pouch is the perfect pouch for just about anyone – Bushcraft & Survival Enthusiasts, Campers and Hikers etc - who wants a small Hand-Made ‘Possibles’ Pouch that can be used with, or without, a small 1oz or 2oz ’Possibles’ tin. The pouch is also ideal for Mobile Phones, Keys and other small objects that would normally be carried in a pocket.

Why Tobacco Tins?

The basic idea of using a Tobacco Tin, was to contain and protect a whole host of smaller, valuable or delicate items that might otherwise, if loose within a pouch, fall out and become lost, become damaged in some way or become jumbled up. Also, you can use these great little tins to group together items that you need all in one place, such as in a Tinderbox of other fire lighting kits, needles and thread, Survival gear in fact just about anything that you can think of that will fit inside a tin of this kind. As such, Tobacco Tins are considered by many to be the perfectly sized container, the epitome of the ‘Goldilocks Principle’ in that they are neither too big nor too small, too heavy, too flimsy (being made of Steel). They are just the right size to be comfortable in the hand, hold just the right amount of small items and because they have a rubber gasket in the lid, they are water and air tight (Resistant) and will therefore keep the items placed in them well protected and dry.

The Tobacco Tin was developed over many decades, by the Tobacco industry to be lightweight, easy and cheap to manufacture, yet be tough enough to withstand the rigours of constant daily use. You can sit on them, banged them around, dent them, open them and close them hundreds of times per day, dropped them, kick them around and generally given them a pretty hard time, and yet through all of this they will still protect the delicate items placed within them … to this end they are still manufactured as a ‘Possibles’ tin, although not necessarily for placing tobacco in them.

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Sam Browne Stud Fastening

Sam Brown Fastening Stud
Photo shows close-up of a Sam Brown Fastening Stud
Sam Brown Fastening Stud fastened

Photo shows close-up of a Sam Brown Fastening Stud fastened.

The Sam Browne Stud is one of the most secure forms of fastening there is, when you take into account the ease and the speed that it can be opened and closed with just one hand. It is made from a high quality solid brass Sam Browne Stud that is Double-Padded Leather Backed on the inside of the pouch so that it will not damage the contents of your pouch when fastening the Sam Browne. The Sam Browne Stud was invented by a General Sir Samuel Browne back in the 19th century and is still used in many military uniforms to this day as a secure, reliable and fast – one handed- way of securing straps and pouch flaps.

Sinew Cross Stitching

1oz Tobacco Tin Pouch with Running-Loop Stitch Back View
Photo shows Standard Artificial Sinew Cross Stitching

The pouch is Cross Stitched in Artificial Sinew to give it a more rustic decorative feel. Artificial Sinew is incredibly strong and very resistant to wear, so it will last longer than the leather itself.

Options and Optional Extras
(PLEASE NOTE: All of the Options for this item (see below) should be carefully considered at the time of ordering. If no Options are chosen at the time of ordering it will be left to the maker of this item to choose how it is made at the time of manufacture based upon what Standard Options are available at the time.)

FireSteel Loop Optional Extra

FireSteel Loop
Photo shows FireSteel Loop option on a pouch

With a FireSteel Loop incorporated into this item you will be able to stow any Army sized FireSteel, such as the Light-My-Fire - ‘Army’ FireSteels or our PyroFlint™ - Army sized FireSteel. If you would like another size of FireSteel Loop attaching to this item, instead of the standard Army size, then please ‘Contact Us’ when you make your purchase and we will be happy to alter the size for you.

Please Note: The FireSteel is not included in this option.

Leather Colour Options

  • Russet.
    Russet - Blond or Natural as it sometimes known - is leather that has been left in its natural colour state as it leaves the Tannery (i.e. the leather has not been dyed). Once this item has been made it is simply oiled with natural Neats Foot Oil, and whilst natural Russet coloured leather initially has a very slight beige/pink look to it, it very quickly Patinas to a beautiful deep and luxurious Tan colour that is reminiscent of lighter coloured traditional leather goods.

  • Untreated Drum Dyed Natural Brown.
    Untreated Drum Dyed Natural Brown leather is leather that remains in its natural ‘Tannery Finished’ subtle pastel brown. Normally, once an article has been made it is then finished with some kind of surface coating, such as Tan Kote or Polish, which is designed to even out all of the leathers inherent imperfections thus producing a consistent finish to the surface of the leather. Whilst finishing leather in this way adds a beautiful quality to all leather items, we thought that leaving the leather in its natural state would add a rustic more natural feel, allowing the natural inherent variances and imperfections of the hide to speak for itself. Since we do not finish the leather in any way once the item is finally made, we carefully select those parts of the hide that will offer the most character to the finished article.

  • Tan.
    This luxurious deep rich golden sand colour shows off the opulence of the leather, giving it a naturally warm and rich patina often associated with classic leather goods.

  • Light Brown.
    A much deeper colour than the Tan, Light Brown still has the opulence that is associated with high quality Tan leather goods that have become darker through exposure to the elements over the decades.

  • Chocolate Brown.
    This colour has a deep luxury Milk Chocolate hue with a natural lustre that is very easy to maintain with ordinary brown shoe polish and will patina over time to give the case a beautiful luxury finish.

  • Black.
    There is a true sense of luxury and class that is associated with leather that has been dyed Black and then buffed to a silky gloss lustre. A true Black dye should have the appearance of being very slightly blue in the depths of its hue, otherwise it could be considered to be a very dark brown instead.

  • Burgundy.
    A luxuriously warm deep rich red-brown that always adds a touch of majestic regality to any quality leather item.

Please Note: All colours shown are approximations of actual colours, and may vary according to the display screen through which you are seeing them..

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