Fire Lighting Tinder Pouch Kit

  • Everything you will need in one small kit
  • Traditional Scandinavian ‘Flint & Steel’ Tinder Pouch
  • Natural Reindeer Leather Tinder Pouch
  • All made in the forests of Sweden
  • ’Flint & Steel’ Fire Lighting

This very popular Wilmas - Fire Lighting Tinder Pouch Kit is made in the forest region of Swedish Lapland utilising the old knowledge and techniques that have been used for centuries by the forest people who have lived and worked there.

This tinder pouch kit is a complete fire starting kit in a beautifully made Reindeer Leather Tinder Pouch. It is a wonderful ergonomic little kit that contains everything that was needed to make a fire before matches were invented.

The Wilmas - Fire Lighting Tinder Pouch Kit was designed for easy and reliable fire making and consists of the following items that have all been neatly packaged in a Reindeer pouch with instructions included:

  • Natural Flintstone
  • A traditional firestriker steel
  • Natural Amadou Tinder
  • Shavings of Fat Wood from Scandinavian pine tree stumps
  • A bundle of last year’s Dried Grass
  • With a Reindeer Leather Tinder Pouch

This great little kit enables the making of fires in a traditional way without the need for matches. Our ancestors would have been able to deftly use traditional ‘Flint & Steel’ to make a fire in mere seconds and with a little practice you can to.

More information about how to use 'Flint & Steel' for fire lighting can be found on our Bushcraft Articles and Tips section.