Matchless Fire Set

  • Genuine NATO Survival Fire Lighting Kit
  • Tough Steel Watertight Tin
  • Complete Fire Lighting Kit

This BCB made NATO Matchless Fire Set is simple yet well thought out, containing all you need to create many fires. This kit will last a lot longer that a box of matches and is sealed, making it watertight. The contents of this great little fire making kit are stored in a tough steel 1oz Tobacco Tin, which is an ideal size to fit in a small pocket, taking minimal room and weight. There is plenty of extra room in the tin so that the kit can be modified and tailored to your individual needs, if necessary.

The contents of the NATO Matchless Fire Set include a Hexamine Block, Compressed Cotton Wool and Ranger Fire Flint. Both the Hexamine and Cotton Wool can be ignited directly into a flame when showered with the super white-hot sparks produced by the Fire Flint.

More information about how to use 'Flint & Steel' for fire lighting can be found on our Bushcraft Articles and Tips section.