Shark Tinderbox
Kindling Tinderbox Kit

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Shark Tinderbox - Kindling Tinderbox Kit Contents (SD-KTB1)
Photo Shows - in Tins - Kapok, Char Cloth, Spark-Lite Moxa Punk, Maya Dust, Amadou and Amadou Down. Outside of 2oz Tin - Cotton Wool Balls (Left), Jute Tinder Cord, Maya Wood, 6mm PyroFlints™ Fire Steel, Sulphur Matches (Far Right) and Natural Flint (Bottom)

The Kindling Tinderbox contains a whole variety of different forms of Tinder that will challenge you enabling you to hone and then master your fire lighting skills. Some forms of Tinder in this comprehensive kit work better with Ferrocerium Fire Steels, such as from our comprehensive range of PyroFlints™, some forms of Tinder work better with traditional Flint and Steel. The variety of Tinder in the Kindling Tinderbox will give you the confidence to explore how different forms of Tinder works best with which ever Fire Lighting technique you may be using at the time. You will quickly gain sufficient skill to be able to explore and use your Fire Lighting skills with forms of Tinder that are not in the kit, but commonly found growing naturally in the wild.

Each Kindling Tinderbox contains: 1x 6mm Ferrocerium Fire Steel, 1 x Piece of Natural Flint and 10 x different Tinders. 6 of the Tinders are packed into their own Mini-Tins to prevent your Tinder from getting damp as well as stopping them from mixing together. All ten types of Tinder, the Natural Flint and the PyroFlints™ Ferrocerium Fire Steel are neatly packed into a very high quality 2oz Tobacco Tin. These top of the range tins are sealed to the elements with a rubber seal so it won't let water or moisture in, which may ruin the contents of your Tinderbox.

Kindling Tinderbox Contents:

  • 1 x 6mm PyroFlints™ Ferrocerium Fire Steel with Lanyard Hole
  • 1 x Piece of Natural Flint
  • 10 x Sulphur Matches
  • 10 x Jute Tinder Cord
  • 3 x Cotton Balls
  • 1 x Piece of Maya Wood
  • 6 Mini Steel Tins each containing the following Forms of Tinder:
  • Char Cloth
  • Amadou
  • Amadou Down
  • Maya Dust
  • Spark-Lite Moxa Punk
  • Kapok
  • Total Weight with Contents: 140g (approx)
  • Measures: 110 x 80 x 28mm (Brass Plate or Matte Black)


Sulphur Matches

The Sulphur Match has been use for thousands of years as a method for creating a fast and direct flame from a glowing ember, such as from a piece of burning Char Cloth, without the need to create a flame through the Tinder Bundle technique, which is very smoky and only really suitable for outdoor use unless you don’t mind setting off your fire alarms! Since the sulphur in a Sulphur Match ignites at a temperature of around 440° Centigrade, by simply placing the tip of the Sulphur Match against the glowing ember, it will begin to melt and then it will ignite.

Once the alight, the Sulphur Match will burn with a beautiful blue flame, which is not always easy to see, especially if there is a lot of ambient light, such as sunlight. However, if you are not able to see a flame you can bet your bottom dollar that you will smell it. When the burning sulphur takes hold it will ignite the wooden spill, which can then be used to ignite a candle or fire etc.

Sulphur Matches are safe to use, they keep well in a traditional Tinderbox, or other container, since they cannot accidentally be ignited by friction. Sulphur Matches will only ignite when heated by a glowing ember or flame.

Jute Tinder Cord

Our Jute Tinder Cord pieces are the best that there is, a bold statement I know, but it’s a fact, just take a look at Jamie, my son, who was 6 years old at the time, igniting a small Tinder Bundle made from some Jute Tinder Cord. From start to finish Jamie creates fire in just 45 seconds.

This video shows my son Jamie, who was 6-years old at the time, lighting a fire using a standard Ferrocerium Fire Flint, Char Cloth, Jute Tinder and a piece of Natural Flint (the Natural flint was not very sharp, which is why it took severalattempts to create a spark).

As you will have seen Jute Tinder Cord is ideal for traditional ‘Flint & Steel’ fire lighting. It is easy to carry a few of them in your Tinderbox ready to make a Tinder Bundle without having to scavenge around for dried bulky grasses, plant downs and other materials to make your Tinder Bundle. And it only takes one piece of Jute Tinder Cord to create a fire.

How to Create a Jute Tinder Cord Tinder Bundle

  1. Untwist one piece of Jute Tinder Cord into its constituent fibres.
  2. Fluff the fibres up and roll into a loose ball to make a small Tinder Bundle.
  3. Place a glowing ember into the Jute Cord Tinder Bundle.
  4. Gently wrap the fibres around the ember.
  5. Wave the Tinder Bundle in the air, or gently blow on it until it starts to produce a thick greenish smoke.
  6. Give it a few hard short puffs of air and it will burst into flames.
  7. Place burning Tinder Bundle into a previously prepared Fire Lay and hey presto you have a nicely burning camp fire.

Cotton Wool Balls

Are really useful in very dry conditions and catch a spark easily. Add a dab of Petroleum Jelly onto the cotton wool ball before you spark and you will see that the Cotton Wool Ball acts like a candle by wicking the Petroleum Jelly, allowing you stacks more time to nurture your fire bundle.

Maya Wood

Maya Wood, or Fat Wood as it is sometimes called, is natural Pine wood that has become completely saturated with pine resin which makes it almost totally waterproof, and incredibly easy to light. All you need to do is create a few shavings from the side of the Maya Wood stick with your knife and then shower some sparks from your PyroFlints™ Ferrocerium Fire Steel onto the shavings to produce an extremely hot and long lasting flame.

Char Cloth

Our 100% Cotton Char Cloth can easily be used to create an embers in a whole variety of differing and wondrous ways and is one of the easiest Tinder's to use. Once the Char Cloth has caught an Ember and it has become established by gently fanning it with your hand, it can be transferred to a Tinder Bundle and then blown into a flame if you are outdoors. Alternatively, if you are indoors, it can be used to ignite a direct flame with one of our Traditional Sulphur Matches, which can be used to ignite a fire or a candle.

PLEASE NOTE: Caution is advised when using Sulphur Matches in doors since burning Sulphur produces Sulphur Dioxide gas.

Char Cloth can be ignited with any types of Ferrocerium Sparking Rods such as the one provided with this kit, it can also be ignited with a traditional ‘Flint & Steel’. Alternatively you can also get an ember by using a Parabolic Mirror or Magnifying Glass and focus the rays of the sun onto the Char Cloth until it smoulders.


Amadou is fantastic form of natural tinder that is ideal for all spark, solar and compression based of fire lighting, such as with Traditional ‘Flint & Steel’ Tinderboxes, Pyrophoric Alloys, Magnifying Lenses, Parabolic Mirrors and Fire Pistons.

Amadou is a very reliable, and very old, Tinder that will catch a spark with surprising ease from any type of Fire Steel, modern or traditional. It will not disintegrate should it become damp or wet, unlike Char Cloth, and since it does not crumble when crushed, again unlike Char Cloth, it makes a superb packing material that will stop the small pieces of fire lighting equipment in the Tinderbox from rattling around the tin.

Amadou Down & Spark-Lite Moxa Punk

These two forms of Tinder are very similar and can be used interchangeably to create fire. Spark-Lite Moxa Punk, which is a 100% natural plant tinder that is made from the herb Mugwort or Wormwood (Artemisia vulgaris) has been specially aged and ground into a fluff. Spark-Lite Moxa Punk and Amadou Down will both catch a spark from a FerroceriumFire Steel easily but can also be used with all of the spark based fire lighting techniques there are. Both are also great when used with Solar based fire lighting techniques.

Once the Spark-Lite Moxa Punk has caught an Ember, it will begin to give of a pleasant aromatic smoke that has, in the past, been used as a tobacco substitute. Once the Ember has become established, it can be transferred to a Tinder Bundle and then blown into a flame. Alternatively, it can be used to ignite a direct flame with one of our Traditional Sulphur Matches, which can be used to ignite a fire or a candle if you are indoors.

The Amadou can be used as described in ‘Amadou’ (above).

Maya Dust

Maya Dust (See also ‘Maya Wood’ above), is made from Fat Wood Pine, which is a natural wood that has a very high concentration of pine resin in it. When used for fire lighting, Maya Dust can easily be ignited directly into a flame from the sparks created by any Ferrocerium Fire Steels. Once alight, Maya Dust will burn at a steady rate and with a good hot flame giving you loads of time to establish a good campfire.


Kapok is a similar form of tinder to the Cotton Wools Balls. However it has one major benefit over Cotton Wool because Kapok is naturally waterproof, unlike cotton wool. Sparks from a Ferrocerium Flint will readily ignite this amazing tinder directly into a flame. By adding a dab of Petroleum Jelly onto the side of a small ball of kapok before igniting it will make the Kapok into a form of mini-candle, which will merrily burn away for some considerable amount of time, thus enabling you to create a fire lay around it.

Kapok can also be added to a Tinder bundle to increase the ember size.

PyroFlint™ Ferrocerium Fire Steel and Natural Flint

These can be used in two ways to create Sparks:

  1. The first method is by directly strike the sparks into the open tinder bundle that has been placed on the ground or a platform, this method is usually know as the ‘Tinder Bundle Strike’, but is also known as the ‘Flint on Steel Strike’, the ‘Drop Spark Strike’ or ‘Shower Strike’.
  2. The second method is to hold the Tinder and Flint in one hand and strike the PyroFlint™ Ferrocerium Fire Steel against the Flint with the other, this is a similar method that is commonly used with Traditional ‘Fire Steel & Flint’ fire lighting, which is commonly known as ‘Steel on Flint’ method.
More information about making a fire from sparks can be found on our Bushcraft Articles and Tips section.