Shark Tindernox
Flint and Steel
Tinder Pouch Kit

  • Traditional ‘Flint & Steel’ Tinder Pouch
  • Handmade Suede Leather Tinder Pouch
  • ’Flint & Steel’ Fire Lighting with Steel and Natural Flint

The Flint and Steel Tinder Pouch Kit is designed for those who want a simple ‘Flint & Steel’ kit that they can add their own tinder to, as and when it is found.

The kit consists of a simple, but high quality ‘U’ shaped high carbon Steel Striker, and a piece of Natural Flint, that is all contained in a high quality handmade leather pouch with drawstring and closure toggle.

This simple, but effective Traditional ‘Flint & Steel’ Tinder Pouch Kit is ideal for all who wish to start practicing one of the most ancient, tried and tested, traditional fire making methodologies.

This great little kit enables the making of fires in a traditional way without the need for matches. Our ancestors would have been able to deftly use traditional ‘Flint & Steel’ to make a fire in mere seconds and with a little practice you can to.

PLEASE NOTE: To use this kit properly you will need some Char Cloth or Natural Tinder such as Amadou

More information about how to use 'Flint & Steel' for fire lighting can be found on our Bushcraft Articles and Tips section.