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Hudson Bay Tinderbox tin plate Traditional Hudson Bay Tinderbox, tin-plated steel
Tin-Plate Hudson Bay Tinderbox and Contents The photo shows the Hudson Bay Tinderbox Tin-Plate contents in a clockwise order starting at the far left with Natural Amadou Tinder Fungus, Three Pieces of Jute Tinder Cord, Char Cloth (in tin), Lid with Magnifying Lens, Lens Cap, 'Oval' Steel Striker and Natural Flint.
Hudson Bay Pouch - Brown Photo shows the custom made, high quality, brown suede leather Hudson Bay Tinderbox pouch included with this sale shown with the Copper Hudson Bat Tinderbox.
Hudson Bay Pouch - Taupe Photo shows the custom made, high quality, Taupe suede leather Hudson Bay Tinderbox pouch included with this sale.
Hudson Bay Pouch - Rust Photo shows the custom made, high quality, Rust suede leather Hudson Bay Tinderbox pouch included with this sale.
  • Traditional Hudson Bay Tinderbox
  • Steel Construction with Tin-Plating
  • Built-in 6 X Magnification Glass Burning Lens
  • Flint & Steel Fire Lighting

This traditional tin-plated Hudson Bay Tinderbox has an old-fashioned vintage feel about it, making it ideal for hard-core re-enactors or anyone who likes character in their equipment. The method used to tin-plate this great little tinderbox gives it a great natural patina, a real back-to-basics, rustic appeal that would be impossible to obtain if this box were mass-produced. A tinderbox of this nature would have been used by the tough, old-time early European settlers’ and pioneers of Canada and America, who needed a reliable method of fire lighting that was robust, compact and lightweight.
This traditional Hudson Bay Tinderbox is a very well thought out piece of kit enabling just about anyone to create fire in just about any weather condition. It is a complete fire lighting kit in one small beautifully crafted unit. In addition, it’s tough steel construction is designed to protect the delicate contents from accidental loss or damage, yet it is small, and light, enough to be kept in a pocket.
The tinderbox includes an authentic hand-forged traditional ‘Flint & Steel’ strike-a-light Steel Striker and Natural Flint, a built-in high quality 6 power magnifying/burning lens with protective cap, enabling you to light fire when the sun is shining, thus saving the ‘Flint& Steel’ from unnecessary use. It also includes Natural Amadou Tinder Fungus, Char Cloth and Jute Tinder Cord, all that is needed to create a traditional, direct flame within just a couple of minutes.
This nicely made, high quality, tin-plate reproduction, Hudson Bay tinderbox, was a very popular trade item that was carried at the Hudson Bay Company and Northwest Company during the early 1700's in the American fur trade era. Made in the USA and copied from a museum original by Tedd Cash, this tin-plated box has a friction-fit lid and a high quality 35mm (1 3/8”), 6 x magnification, built-in, burning glass lens, which is mounted in the lid and protected by a metal lens cap. The oval tinderbox measures 112 x 80 x 28mm (4 5/16" x 3" x 1 3/16") and weighs approximately 150 grams, with the fire starting kit.

OPTIONAL EXTRA: This Hudson Bay Tinderbox can now be purchased with, or without, the custom made Hudson Bay Tinderbox Suede Leather Pouch.

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