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Hudson Bay Tinderbox

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Hudson Bay Pouch - Brown Photo shows the custom made, high quality, brown suede leather Hudson Bay Tinderbox pouch included with this sale shown with the Copper Hudson Bat Tinderbox.
Hudson Bay Pouch - Taupe Photo shows the custom made, high quality, Taupe suede leather Hudson Bay Tinderbox pouch included with this sale.
Hudson Bay Pouch - Rust Photo shows the custom made, high quality, Rust suede leather Hudson Bay Tinderbox pouch included with this sale.
  • Copper Traditional Hudson Bay Tinderbox
  • Solid Copper Construction
  • Built-in 6 X Glass Burning Lens
  • Flint & Steel Fire Lighting

This very popular tinderbox is an exact replica of the traditional Hudson Bay Tinderbox as used by the old-time early pioneers of Canada and America. These tough European settlers’ would have needed a fire lighting method that was reliable, robust and compact enough to be carried with them when weight was at a premium. The traditional Hudson Bay Tinderbox is a complete fire starting kit in one small compact and beautifully crafted unit and its ergonomic construction was designed for easy and reliable fire making.

This Hudson Bay Tinderbox is made from solid copper, and although copper does not rust in water, it slowly forms a black-brown oxide layer in air, which prevents further oxidisation and adds to the patina of the tinderbox.

The heavy duty construction protects the fire lighting contents from loss or damage, it is small, and light, enough to be kept in a pocket, and is all that is required to make reliable fires in a traditional way.

The tinderbox includes:

  • A built-in Magnifying/Burning Lens
  • Solid Copper Lens Cap
  • A traditional hand forged 'Oval' Flint & Steel striker that was popular at the time
  • Amadou Tinder Fungus
  • Char Cloth
  • Jute Tinder Bundle Rope
  • Natural Flint
  • All contained in a solid copper Hudson Bay Tobacco/Tinderbox Box

This great little kit enables the making of fires in almost any weather conditions; during sunny days sunlight would have been used to create the initial ember by focussing the sunlight, through, the burning lens onto the char cloth, thereby saving the Flint & Steel, both of which were valuable resources in those days. On cloudy days when the weather did not allow the use of the burning lens, the Flint & Steel would have been deftly used to create a fire in mere seconds.

This nicely made, high quality, solid copper reproduction, Hudson Bay tinderbox, was a very popular trade item that was carried at the Hudson Bay Company and Northwest Company during the early 1700's in the Canadian and American fur trade era. Made in the U.S.A and copied from a museum original by Tedd Cash, the solid copper box has a friction-fit lid and a high quality 35mm (1 3/8”) 6x magnification, built-in, burning glass lens, which is mounted in the lid and protected by a copper lens cap. The polished copper oval box measures 112 x 80 x 28mm (4 5/16" x 3" x 1 3/16") and weighs 85 grams, without the fire starting kit, and approximately 150 grams, with the fire starting kit.

OPTIONAL EXTRA: This Hudson Bay Tinderbox can now be purchased with, or without, the custom made Hudson Bay Tinderbox Suede Leather Pouch.

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