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Big Box Tinderbox

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Big Box Traditional Flint & Steel Tinderbox Contents Distplayed The photo shows the Big Box Tinderbox contents in a clockwise order starting at the top with Big Box Tinderbox & Lid, Natural Kapok Tinder (in tin), Char Cloth in a Mini-Steel Tin, Natural Flint, Hand Forged ‘Oval’ Steel Striker, Natural Amadou Tinder Fungus (bottom of photo), Spark-Lite™ ‘Moxa-Punk’ Tabs, Pointed Bamboo Stick and 3-Inch Jute Tinder Cord (centre of picture).
  • Traditional 'Flint & Steel' Tinderbox.
  • Top Quality Hand Forged Steel Striker.
  • Char Cloth in its Own Steel Tin.
  • Genuine Amadou Tinder Fungus.
  • Packed in a High Quality Steel Tin.

Millennia before the development of modern day matches and lighters, the well-practiced hands of our forebears would have nimbly created a fire, using a traditional ‘Flint & Steel’ tinderbox, in mere seconds. The use of traditional ‘Flint & Steel’ for fire lighting has well and truly stood the test of time; it has a simple elegance that is hard to beat.
The Big Box Tinderbox is a complete traditional fire-making factory in one high quality steel tin. It is easy to use, will give you years of reliable fire lighting service and will inspire a sense of traditional fulfilment that is associated with this phenomenal ancient fire lighting technique. The Big Box has been designed to contain as much traditional fire lighting equipment as can be possibly crammed into a single tinderbox, without it taking up too much room and weight in a backpack or trail kit. The ‘Big Box’ Tinderbox contains the following items:

  • A Traditional Hand Forged ‘Oval’ Steel Striker.
  • Natural Flint, Natural Amadou Tinder Fungus.
  • Char Cloth in a Mini-Steel Tin.
  • Natural Kapok Tinder.
  • Ten Pieces of 3-Inch Jute Tinder Cord.
  • Ten Spark-Lite™ ‘Moxa-Punk’ Tabs.
  • One Small Pointed Bamboo Stick.
  • Complete Easy to Follow Instructions.

In recent years, there has been a huge resurgence in this long-established and reliable traditional fire lighting method. With this in mind the Big Box is ideal for Re-enactment Societies, Bushcraft and Survival Instructor, who want to teach how fire was traditionally made by our ancestors. It is perfect for anyone who wants a bigger classic style traditional tinderbox to create time-honoured spark based fires. The Big Box is large enough so that it can be added to as and when nature provides its bountiful supplies of tinder and other fire lighting materials, keeping everything you need in one secure place.
This high quality tinderbox is manufactured from a large round steel tin that be custom painted if desired. The sturdy tin will keep all of the fire lighting essentials in one space, protecting the fire lighting contents from loss or damage. The tinderbox measures 110mm (4 1/4 inches) in diameter by 66mm (3 5/8 Inches) high and weighs approximately 185 grams.

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