Waxed Cedar Tinder

  • The perfect All Natural tinder.
  • Flames directly from Ferrocerium Fire Flints
  • Superior Fire Lighting Tinder
  • 100% Cedar Bark with a blend of waxes
  • One of the best forms of tinder around.
  • Contained in a water tight 1oz Tobacco Tin

This high quality water tight 1oz Tobacco Tin contains natural ground Cedar Bark. It is well known that Cedar Bark makes one of the best forms of Tinder around. It can be ignited directly into a flame from the sparks generated by a modern ferrocerium sparking rod, such as from our range of PyroFlints&trad;. It can also used as part of a Tinder Bundle when using traditional ‘Flint & Steel’ fire lighting methods.

This 100% natural Cedar Bark has been mixed with a blend of refined waxes to create a superior fire lighting tinder that will burn for ages.

There is 10 grams of Natural Cedar Bark in this high quality 1oz Tobacco Tin.

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