Spark-Lite™ Tinder

  • The perfect 100% Natural tinder.
  • Catches a spark from traditional 'Flint & Steel'
  • Great for Solar forms of Fire Lighting
  • Superior fire lighting tinder
  • Pleasant aromatic smoke
  • Specially aged.
  • Contained in a water tight 1oz Tobacco Tin

This high quality water tight 1oz Tobacco Tin contains Spark-Lite Moxa Punk, which is a 100% natural plant tinder that is made from the herb Mugwort or Wormwood (Artemisia vulgaris, which has been specially aged and ground into a fluff. Spark-Lite Moxa Punk will catch a spark from traditional ‘Flint & Steel,’ making it ideal for just about all of the spark based fire lighting techniques there are. It is also great when use with Solar fire lighting techniques.

Once the Spark-Lite Moxa Punk has caught an Ember, it will begin to give of a pleasant aromatic smoke that has, in the past, been used as a tobacco substitute. Once the Ember has become established, it can be transferred to a Tinder Bundle and then blown into a flame. Alternatively, it can be used to ignite a direct flame with one of our Traditional Sulphur Matches, which can be used to ignite a fire or a candle.

This high quality 1oz Tobacco Tin contains 10 grams of this amazing tinder.

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