Jute Tinder Cord

Tinder-In-A-Tin - Jute Tinder Cord Tinder Photo shows Tinder-In-A-Tin™
in a 1oz Tobacco Tin
Tinder-In-A-Tin - Jute Tinder Cord Tinder Photo shows Tinder-In-A-Tin™
100% natural Jute Tinder Cord tinder displayed with a high quality 1oz Tobacco Tin
  • A traditional, natural plant fibre tinder
  • Ideal for traditional ‘Flint & Steel’ fire lighting
  • So easy to use, a 6 year can use it
  • One piece makes one fire
  • Easily untwisted
  • Contained in a water tight 1oz Tobacco Tin

This high quality water tight 1oz Tobacco Tin contains Jute Tinder Cord that has been made from natural plant fibres, which are loosely twisted into a 3-yarn cord. It is the best jute that there is for traditional ‘Flint & Steel’ fire lighting. it is easy to carry a few of these cords in your tinderbox ready to make a Tinder Bundle without having to scavenge around for dried bulky grasses, plant downs and other materials to make your Tinder Bundle. It takes just one piece of Jute Tinder Cord to create a fire.


  1. Untwist one piece of Jute Tinder Cord into its constituent fibres.
  2. Fluff the fibres up and roll into a loose ball to make a small Tinder Bundle.
  3. Place a glowing ember into the Jute Cord Tinder Bundle.
  4. Gently wrap the fibres around the ember.
  5. Wave the Tinder Bundle in the air, or gently blow on it until it starts to produce a thick greenish smoke.
  6. Give it a few hard short puffs of air and it will burst into flames.
  7. Place burning Tinder Bundle into a previously prepared Fire Lay and hey presto you have a nicely burning camp fire.

Jute Tinder Cords are perhaps one of the easiest ways to turn a glowing ember into a flame. In fact I would say, without hesitation, that it is so easy even a 6-year old can do it. You might say ‘Its Childs play!’

Fire Lighting Without Matches - It's Childs Play!
This video shows Jamie, who was 6-years old at the time, lighting a fire using a standard Ferrocerium Fire Flint, Char Cloth, Jute Tinder and a piece of Natural Flint (the Natural flint was not very sharp).

If you take a look at this YouTube video you will see that my son, who was 6-years old at the time, creates a fire, from start to finish, in just under 1 minute and 30 seconds. He was using a BCB Fireball Flint that had been returned to us by a disgruntled customer, who complained that he was unable to create sparks from it. There was a piece of Natural Flint that we found in the garden just minutes before; it was not as sharp as I would have liked. We also used a piece of our 100% Cotton Char Cloth to create the ember and of course some fluffed Jute Tinder Cord, which was made into the Tinder Bundle. From here the video speaks for itself.

It has taken us quite a few years to source this outstanding Jute Tinder Cord, since many of our previous examples were quite hard to unravel, being made into tightly twisted cords and ropes. Some were made with lots of thin yarns that were then twisted into strands that made up the rope, untwisting them to get at the individual fibres was impractical, taking far too much time to do so. After a long search we sourced a three strand laid rope called a 'plain', which was perfect for use as Jute Tinder Cord. It is simple to untwist and turns a char cloth ember into a flame in just seconds.

This 100% natural plant tinder is a must for everyone’s Tinderbox, Survival Tin or Fire Lighting Kit.

For more information about making fire from Jute Tinder Cord please take a look at some of our ‘Fire Lighting’ articles in the Bushcraft Articles and Tips page.