Jute Fire Tabs

Tinder-In-A-Tin - Jute Fire Tabs Photo shows Tinder-In-A-Tin™
Jute Fire Tabs and high quality 1oz Tobacco Tin
  • Jute Tinder Candles are Waterproof
  • Burn Time (approx) 4 minutes 15 seconds
  • Can be lit by sparks made from Ferrocerium Fire Flints
  • Easy to use
  • Contained in a water tight 1oz Tobacco Tin

This high quality water tight 1oz Tobacco Tin contains specially produced 1-Inch (25mm) long Jute Fire Tabs that are made from a platted jute cord that has been saturated with wax, this makes the jute cord waterproof and provides the fuel to allow the candles to burn for approximately 4 minutes 15 Seconds before it is full exhausted.

These specially developed fire tabs can be lit directly from the sparks created by any ferrocerium rods, such as from our PyroFlint™ range. The flame burns to a whopping height of nearly 2-Inches, and is certainly hot enough to set light to even the dampest tinder or kindling.

Lighting the Jute Fire Tabs could not be simpler:

  1. Take out one of the Jute Fire Tabs and crush one end of it against a hard surface or between the fingers.
    Tip: Keep any was that may crumble off so that it can be burned when the Jute Tinder Candle is a light, thus extending the burn time.
  2. When the end has been crushed you should fluff the jute fibres apart, making what looks like a fine bristled brush. Make sure that you brush off any excess bits of wax leaving the bristles as clean as possible.
  3. Lay the Jute Fire Tab on a dry surface where you intend to create your fire and then using a Fire Flint Ferrocerium rod, strike sparks onto the bristles of the Jute Fire Tab. The sparks should instantly ignite the tabs fluffed up fibres creating a flame.
  4. Once the Jute Fire Tab is burning well, lay your kindling over the flames, being careful not to choke out the Jute Fire Tabs flame. Keep building up your fire lay until you have a roaring fire.
  5. Alternatively, you can use the flaming Jute Fire Tab to light standard candle, which is then used to ignite a camp fire or whatever you choose, then the Jute Fire Tab can be extinguished. Using a Jute Fire Tab, in this manner it can be used several times

There are 50 X Jute Fire Tabs in each high quality water tight 1oz Tobacco Tin.

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