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Amadou Tinder Down

Tinder-In-A-Tin - Amadou Felt tinder in 1oz Tobacco Tin Photo shows Tinder-In-A-Tin™
Amadou Tinder Down tinder in 1oz Tobacco Tin
(Photo shows Amadou Tinder Felt)
  • Specially processed natural Amadou tinder.
  • Gives a more consistent texture.
  • Better spark capturing qualities.
  • Great for Spark & Solar fire lighting.
  • Easy to use.
  • Contained in a water tight 1oz Tobacco Tin

This high quality water tight 1oz Tobacco Tin contains 100% natural Amadou Tinder Down. The Amadou Tinder Down has been made from some of our finest Amadou that has been specially processed to create a consistent fluffy texture that is ideal for all Spark Based fire lighting techniques, including the very ancient ‘Flint & Pyrite’ nodule, traditional ‘Flint & Steel’ as well as the modern Ferrocerium Fire Flints; it is also extremely good when used with all Solar based fire lighting.

Using the Amadou Tinder Down is really very simply:

  1. Remove small amount of the Amadou Tinder Down to make a nice fluffy ball about the size of your thumbnail. The exposed fibres give a much bigger surface area for flying sparks to pyrolyse, and therefore create an ember, so it is a good idea to make your Amadou Tinder Down tinder as fluffy as possible, but still held together as a single ball.
  2. Place on a piece of Natural Flint, a PyroFlint™ Super Alloy Striker or some other striker so that the as much of the fluffy edge is facing where you will strike the spaks from.
  3. Using a Ferrocerium Fire Flint, such as from one of our range of PyroFlint™, or one of our traditional ‘Flint & Steel’ strikers.
  4. Strike sparks onto the Amadou Tinder Down, which will quickly catch a spark and begin to form an embryonic ember.
  5. Gently fan the ember with your hand until it has become established, you can then begin to gently blow on the ember to make it grow.
  6. you can then either use a traditional Sulphur Match to create a direct flame from the ember, which can be used to ignite a candle, or you can place the ember in a previously prepared Tinder Bundle made from our natural Jute Tinder Cord or dried grasses and other plant materials and then blow it into a flame.

This 100% natural Amadou Tinder Down tinder is a must for everyone’s Tinderbox, Survival Tin or Fire Lighting Kit.

For more information about making fire natural Amadou tinder please take a look at our 'Using Amadou for Fire Lighting’ article in the Bushcraft Articles and Tips page.