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Make Your Own Char Cloth kit
Makes the best 100% Cotton Char Cloth Tinder

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Photo shows the Make Your Own Char Cloth Tin Photo shows the Make Your Own Char Cloth Kit
Tinder-In-A-Tin - 100% Cotton Char Cloth Tinder Photo shows the Make Your Own Char Cloth Kit
  • Make your own 100% quality Cotton Char Cloth tinder.
  • Excellent Char Cloth for better spark capturing qualities.
  • Great for Spark & Solar fire lighting.
  • Easy to make.
  • Reusable steel tin

This Make Your Own Char Cloth Kit enables you to makes some of the very best Char Cloth you will ever use. It is perfect for all Spark based fire lighting techniques, including traditional ‘Flint & Steel’ as well as with modern Ferrocerium Fire Flints; it is also extremely good when used with all Solar based fire lighting.

This kit was initially developed so that Cubs and Scouts could gain experience in making Char Cloth for fire making. Since then, it has become a popular kit for many budding Bushcraft enthusiasts who want a simple, but reliable Char Cloth kit. It has everything that is needed, except the fire that is, to allow anyone to simply and easily manufacture their own high quality Char Cloth.

Looking After Your Char Cloth Tin

Since Char Cloth tins are usually made from steel, which, although a very durable material, that is able withstand the high temperatures needed to pyrolyse cotton to make Char Cloth, there is always a slight issue with the metal rusting. When used for the first time the heat from the fire will burn off the tins protective antirust coating, leaving the steel exposed to the air. So it suggested that after the first use, the tin, be sprayed in some black BBQ or Exhaust Pipe paint, which will both protect the tin as well as give it an attractive yet practical finish. This will protect the tin from the elements allowing you to use it for Char Cloth making for many years.

Making Char Cloth is a relatively simple procedure if a few simple principles are adhered to, please click here to go to Make Your Own Char Cloth Kit instructions and Tips:

  1. It is vitally important to keep air away from the pyrolysing process, so make sure that the lid of the tin is well secured before you begin the process.
  2. Do not place the tin directly into the flame of a fire, but instead place it next to the edge where the hot ember are located.
  3. Rotate and move the tin around the hot embers on a regular basis to allow the cotton to evenly char. It is better to take a little more time over the process that to rush it and ruin the batch.
  4. Once the smoke stops being produced, remove tin from flames and bung up the smoke release hole then allow the tin to fully cool down, ideally to ambient air temperature, before opening it.

Once made this 100% natural Char Cloth tinder is a must for everyone’s Tinderbox, Survival Tin or Fire Lighting Kit.

For more information about fire lighting see our article How to use a PyroFlint™ in the Bushcraft Articles and Tips page.