Chaga Tinder Powder
(Inonotus obliquus)

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Main Conk of Chaga Tinder Fungus Photo shown a newly harvested Chaga conk (Inonotus obliquus).
Chaga Tinder Powder Photo shown the Chaga once it has been turned into Chaga Tinder Powder
(Inonotus obliquus).
Chaga Tinder Fungus (50 grams) with Main Conk Photo shown Chaga Tinder Powder (Inonotus obliquus) shown with a newly harvested Chaga conk.
This Chaga is completely authentic Chaga Tinder Powder from the ‘Inonotus obliquus’ Fungus that is available in 10g, 25g, 50g and 100 gram bags.
  • The perfect All Natural tinder.
  • Creates an ember from the smallest spark.
  • Has an amazingly hot ember.
  • Ideal for use with Traditional ‘Flint & Steel’.
  • Ideal for use with ‘Pyrite & Flint’.
  • One of the best forms of tinder around.

Chaga is one of the best forms of natural tinder around. It does not require any special treatment and, can after drying, be used directly from the tree for fire making.

It is ideally suited when used in all forms of spark based fire lighting ranging from the ancient ‘Pyrite & Flint, to the relatively modern traditional ‘Flint & Steel’ right through to the very modern ferrocerium rods, such as in our extensive range of PyroFlints™. Chaga works brilliantly with Fire Pistons and with solar forms of fire lighting, such as with a Magnifying Lens. As a natural form of tinder it is truly magnificent … one of the very best around.

The Ember

The ember that is created from the smouldering Chaga is Incredibly Hot, which makes it an outstanding tinder for All traditional fire making techniques such as in the Traditional 'Flint & Steel' Tinder Pouch (1.2) or the Hudson Bay Tinderbox.

If you try Chaga with any modern pyrophoric sparking rods, such as our exclusive PyroFlint™ – 'Full Metal Jacket'™ fire flints range, you will see that it is virtually impossible for you not to catch a spark that instantly creates an amazingly hot ember.

Once your Chaga has caught a spark, it will begin to glow and gently smoke. This newly formed ember is very hard to extinguish since it burns so hot. Any wind or breeze that blows on it will cause it to get even hotter!

Once the ember has become established, to your satisfaction, you have probably about a minute and a half, more than enough time, to place the Chaga ember into the centre of a previously prepared tinder bundle, and then blown into a flame that can be used to create a campfire.

Apart from its amazing fire making properties, Chaga can be made into a refreshing tea whilst at home, or out in the woods, in place of your usual tea or coffee. Simply place a crumbled chunk, about a teaspoon, of the Chaga into a cup and pour on boiling water, leave to stew for about 5-minutes, add sugar, honey or your usual sweetener to taste, and this wonderful beverage is ready drink.

When you are out in the wilds, practicing your Survival and Bushcraft skills, take along one of our tins of Chaga, from our extensive range of Tinder-In-A-Tin™, and strike up a real campfire whenever or wherever you may settle for the night or for a brew-up.

Chaga is a natural product so pieces will vary in shape, size, weight, colour and density.

PLEASE NOTE: The main Chaga Conk shown in these photos, are not included in this sale. Chaga pieces will vary in size, weight and density from that shown.

More information about this great Natural Tinder and to read our article 'Chaga, truly a great tinder fungus!' can be found on our Bushcraft Articles and Tips section.