Amadou Tinder Fungus
'Horse's Hoof Fungus'
(Fomes formentarius)

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Amadou Tinder Fungus(10 grams) Amadou Tinder Fungus 10g
Amadou Tinder Fungus (50 grams) Photo shows two newly harvested Horse's Hoof Fungi
Amadou Tinder Fungus(10 grams) Photo show a typical 10 gram quantity of Amadou Tinder Fungus
Amadou Tinder Fungus (50 grams) Photo show a typical 20 gram quantity of Amadou Tinder Fungus
This Grade 'A' Amadou is completely authentic Amadou Tinder made from the Horse’s Hoof Fungus – ‘Fomes formentarius’.
  • The perfect All natural fire lighting tinder.
  • Creates an ember from the smallest spark.
  • It has an amazingly hot ember!
  • Works exceptionally well with Fire Pistons.
  • Ideal for use with Flint & Steel.
  • Ideal for use with Pyrite & Flint.
  • Ideal tinder & packing for Tinderboxes.
  • Available in 10g and 20g bags

Amadou is fantastic form of natural tinder that is ideal for all spark, solar and compression based of fire lighting, such as with Traditional Flint & Steel Tinderboxes, Pyrophoric Alloys, Magnifying Lenses, Parabolic Mirrors or Fire Pistons.

Amadou is a reliable product that can catch a spark with surprising ease from any of our PyroFlint™ fire flints range of pyrophoric alloys, it will not disintegrate should it become damp or wet and makes an ideal packing material to stop small pieces of fire lighting equipment from rattling around a survival tin or your tinderbox.

A single 10 gram bag of Amadou will last you many hundreds fires, however, if you would like a larger quantity of this great tinder, why not purchase your Amadou in 20 gram bags?

What is Amadou?

Amadou is made from the Horse’s Hoof Fungus, which has a fine, velvety layer resembling suede leather. This suede-like trama layer is sandwiched between a tough nut-like, outer, layer called the Cuticle and the pores, which are thousands of tiny tubes all packed together. The Horse’s Hoof Fungus is mainly found on dead trees such as the Birch and Beech, and it resembles a horse’s hoof – hence its common name. Amadou is very hard to source, and even more difficult to make well.

Amadou was used by our ancient forefathers because it makes excellent tinder able to catch even the vaguest of sparks, it is probably one of the best tinder that can be found in nature. It is has a beautiful velvet feel and is as resilient as suede leather and can be stored indefinitely. Amadou has been used for fire-making for thousands of years, and would have been found in virtually every travellers tinder box because of its great reliability.

The Ember

The ember that is created from the smouldering Amadou is VERY HOT, which makes it an outstanding tinder for ALL primitive fire making techniques such as in the Traditional 'Flint & Steel' Tinder Pouch (1.2) ot thr Hudson Bay Tinderbox. This amazing tinder is ideally suited to be used with Flint & Steel, modern Sparking Flints, Fire Pistons, and Solar Ignition, like Parabolic Reflectors or Magnifying lenses.

If you try Amadou with any modern pyrophoric sparking rods, such as our exclusive PyroFlint™ – 'Full Metal Jacket'™ fire flints range, you will see that it is virtually impossible for you not to catch a spark that instantly creates an amazingly hot ember.

Once your Amadou has caught a spark, it will begin to glow and gently smoke. This newly formed ember is very hard to extinguish since it burns so INCREDIBLY HOT. Any wind or breeze that blows on it will cause it to get even hotter!

Once the ember has become established, to your satisfaction, you have more than ample time to place the Amadou ember into the centre of a previously prepared tinder bundle – and then blown into a flame. Whilst Amado burns very hot it burns at a steady and slow pace; a small piece, about the size of your thumb nail will burn for a good minute or so.

More information about how to make Amadou and using Amadou for fire lighting can be found on our Bushcraft Articles and Tips section.