Traditional 'Flint & Steel'Fire Lighting
Traditional Swedish Fire Steel Striker
with Natural Flint

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Wilmas - Traditional Swedish Steel Striker The photo shows the Wilmas - Traditional Swedish Steel Striker.
  • Traditional Swedish Fire Steel
  • Old Nordic Design
  • Great for Traditional ‘Flint & Steel’ Fire Lighting
  • Hand Forged

This traditional Swedish Steel Striker is made according to a very old Nordic design and is ideal for all forms of traditional ‘Flint & Steel’ fire lighting techniques. Made from high carbon steel, it measures approximately 2-3/4 Inches (70mm) Long by 1-1/8 Inch (30mm) Wide by 5/32 Inch (4mm) Thick.

When struck against a piece of flint it produces a profuse array of sparks that it is able to create an ember on any good quality tinder, such as Amadou, Chaga or Char Cloth.

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