Andrew Kirkham
Traditional 'Flint & Steel'Fire Lighting
Small Hudson Bay
'Oval' Fire Steel Striker
(16th to 19th Century)
with Natural Flint

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  • Traditional ‘Flint & Steel’ Fire Lighting
  • Styled on an Original Hudson Bay Fire Steel
  • Completely Hand Made by Andrew Kirkham
  • Measures 2-5/16 x 1-5/16 x 3/32 Inches

This small, custom made, hand forged, ’Oval’ fire steel is based on an original fire steel design that was used by the early fur traders, trappers and pioneers of the North American and Canadian territories, during the early 17th century right through to the 19th century. These fire steels were originally sold, and traded, by such companies as the notable Hudson Bay Trading Company, abbreviated to HBC, which is the oldest surviving commercial corporation in the world that was the largest landowner in Canada. The HBC took its name from all of the lands and rivers that drain into Hudson’s Bay in northern Canada, an area of some 1.5 million square miles. Fire steels and other metal objects of this kind were manufacture by blacksmiths, located in and around the foundries of Sheffield (England), in vast numbers. Such items were commissioned by the HBC as trading goods, commonly traded for furs and pelts that were collected by many native North American and Canadian First Nation tribes of the time.

These particular designs of fire steel was custom-made to order, by us (Shark Tinderbox), so that it could be used in some of our smaller sized tinderboxes and yet still remain historically accurate.

This Hand-made Small Hudson Bay Style 'Oval' Fire Steel Striker measures 2-5/16” (60mm) Long by 1-5/16” (34mm) Wide by 3/32” (3mm) Thick. This superb fire steel was custom made for us by Andrew Kirkham who specialises in historical correct hand crafted tools and other products.

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