(with Lanyard Hole)

  • Genuine PyroFlint™ Pyrophoric Fire Flint.
  • Spark Temperature 3,100°C (5,600°F).
  • Will Ignite Most All Kinds of Tinder.
  • 'Standard' - Low-Iron Pyrophoric Alloy.
  • Size: 5/16-Inch Ø by 3-Inches Long.
  • Weight: 26 Grams.

The PyroFlint™ – ‘Survivor' measures 5/16-Inch (approx. 8mm) in diameter by 3-Inches (approx. 75mm) long and weighs 26 grams and comes with an integral Lanyard hole so that it can be worn around the neck or for attaching to a Belt or a Super Alloy Striker.

The Survivor is a Low-Iron ‘Standard’ pyrophoric alloy ferrocerium rod. For more information about the two types of pyrophoric alloy used in our full range of PyroFlints™, please read the article PyroFlint™ -'Full Metal Jacket' Range.

Shark-Tinderbox PyroFlint™ ferrocerium rods are the most modern and highest quality Pyrophoric alloy fire-flints on the market. They are very easy and safe to use, and will provide you with many thousands of fires if used judiciously. They are capable of producing sparks at temperatures of around 3,100° Centigrade, or 5,600° Fahrenheit, which is hot enough to ignite just about every kind of tinder that there is.

They can be used to ignite a myriad of things that include Gas, paraffin or petrol stoves, Tinder Card, cotton wool, Amadou Tinder Fungus, the individual leaves from our exclusive Shark-Tinderbox 'Tinder Book', shredded Paper, birch bark, honey suckle bark, a whole host of other types of bark and Char Cloth. Click here to see how to use a PyroFlint™, you will be amazed at just how easy it is to use one of ourPyroFlints™.

Full Range of PyroFlints™

Our Shark-Tinderbox range of PyroFlints™ vary in size from the smallest PyroFlint™ – ‘6mm', which measures 6mm in diameter by 60mm in length and weighs 10.5 grams, to the massive PyroFlint™ – 'Priest' that is so large, it will last even the most ardent Bushcraft, Survival or Camping enthusiast several lifetimes of constant daily use. The PyroFlint™ – 'Priest' is truly a forever fire-starter that weighs in at 209 grams (and measure a whopping 18mm diameter by 130mm long.

The Two Types of PyroFlint™

There are two main categories that the modern pyrophoric alloy PyroFlints™ are divided in to two. Those with a lower Iron content, usually called ‘Standard’ PyroFlints™ and those with a higher Iron content usually called ‘Durable’ PyroFlints™. The two types can typically be distinguished by their colour, since the Low-Iron ‘Standard’PyroFlints™ are usually dark-grey to black, whilst the High-Iron ‘Durable’ PyroFlints™ are usually a lighter grey or have a metallic look.

Why Have Two Types of PyroFlint™?

Standard PyroFlints™ are generally a little easier to generate sparks from, due to the higher percentage of pyrophoric alloys in the mix at manufacture. The sparks generated are a little cooler than those produced from the higher Iron Durable PyroFlints™ and do not live as long, but you get quite a lot more of them and they are easier to produce. Durable PyroFlints™ are a little harder to generate sparks from than lower Standard Iron type, due to the slightly lower levels of the pyrophoric alloys incorporated into the mix when manufactured. However, whilst the Durables produce less sparks for the same given effort, than the Standard ferrocerium rods, the sparks that are produced are substantially hotter and have a much longer lifespan, which enables them to ignite a wider variety of tinder types within a greater degree of ambient humidity levels and degrees of tinder dampness. In addition, Durable ferrocerium rods are much more resistant to corrosion, hence their name, than the Low-Iron Standard ferrocerium rods, plus you can scrape off a quantity of Durable ferrocerium rod shavings that can then be used to ignite even damp tinder, which is virtually impossible to do with a Standard ferrocerium rod.

All PyroFlints™ are supplied with full instructions.

(Click here for more information about what are PyroFlints™.

Bulk Buy Discounts

We offer our whole range of PyroFlints™ at ‘Bulk Buy Discount’ rates of up to 40% discount (subject to availability), making it easier for Survivalists, Bushcraft Schools, Scout Groups, Military and Survival instructors, as well as Small Volume Resellers to purchase larger quantities of these products.

Please email us at if you require larger Quantities of our PyroFlints™ range of ferrocerium rods or if you would like to ask us any questions.

More information can about how to use a PyroFlint™ and what Ferrocerium is made from, and fire making with sparks can be found on our Articles & Tips page.