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PyroFlint 3.0mm Full Metal Jacket
All three sizes of PyroFlint - Full Metal Jacket All three sizes of PyroFlint - Full Metal Jacket - (Left) 3.0mm Full Metal Jacket, (Centre) 4.5mm Ful Metal Jacket and (Right) 5.5mm Full Metal Jacket
PyroFlint 3.0mm Full Metal Jacket
Single Price: £6.95 (inc VAT)

This genuine and exclusive – 3.0mm Full Metal Jacket™ PyroFlint™ is an excellent ferrocerium sparking rod for its size. It is very easy and safe to use, and will provide you with many hundreds of fires if used judiciously.

The 3,100°C (5,600°F) sparks that are be produced from any one of our PyroFlint™ range will easily ignite almost any kind of natural and man-made tinder, such as Amadou Tinder Fungus and Char Cloth. Click here to see how to use a PyroFlint™, you will be amazed at just how easily one of these great little fire makers will work.

(Click here for more information about what are PyroFlints™. The PyroFlint™ is also supplied with instructions).

The PyroFlint™ – 3.0mm Full Metal Jacket™ is just 3mm in diameter by 57mm long, with a split ring attached to the end for fastening to a key ring or lanyard and it come complete with the 'Shark Tinderbox & Dorset Woodland Blades - Ferro Fire Steel Striker'

This is the smallest PyroFlint™ in our ‘Full Metal Jacket’ range, yet will still give you a massive shower of sparks for fire lighting.


  • Materials: Ferrocerium rod with Solid Brass Sleeve, hence the name 'Full Metal Jacket'
  • Iron (Fe) Content: Low
  • Ferrocerium Rod Type: ‘Standard’
  • Spark Heat Output (Approx.): 3,100°C (5,600°F)
  • Overall length: 57mm
  • Flint length: 50mm
  • Diameter: 3mm
  • PyroFlint™ Weight: 2.6g.
  • Lanyard Hole: Yes + Split-Ring
  • Supplied with Lanyard: Yes - Small Chain
  • Supplied with Striker: Yes – Ferro Fire Steel Striker
More information can about how to use a PyroFlint™ and what Ferrocerium is made from, and fire making with sparks can be found on our Articles & Tips page.