Mini PyroFlint™ Fire Block

  • Small, Lightweight & Easy to Use.
  • Great For All Beginners Young and Old
  • Used By All Ages From 6-Years Plus
  • 2,000 Plus Spark Lifespan.

The use of sparks to create fire, is a technology that has been around for at least 14,000 years. Bringing this technology up to date, we have the Mini PyroFlint™ Fire Block, which is a Ferrocerium Fire Flint Rod attached to a Beech wood block. The Beech wood block measures 55mm by 27mm by 10mm and weighs in at around 12 grams, incorporated in the block is a Lanyard hole that can be adapted for the wrist or neck use.

The Mini PyroFlint™ Fire Block is an ideal student learning tool when spark based fire lighting is being taught to the Cubs, Scouts or Bushcraft and Survival schools as a group activity. It is lightweight, easy to use & hold, and ideal for All beginners to this ancient way of making fire. It also has a substantial life expectancy of well over 2,000 strikes, many times, more than enough to master the techniques required for this exciting form of fire lighting.

How to use the Mini PyroFlint™ Fire Block

Sparks can easily be struck from the Mini PyroFlint™ Fire Block, using any hard and relatively sharp tool, such as a piece of broken hacksaw blade, file or a piece of natural flint, even a piece of broken glass, at a pinch, can be used. I should point out, however, that broken glass, as everyone knows, is notoriously sharp and easily cuts flesh, therefore a great deal of care should be observed when, and if, attempting to use this substance.

By placing a small piece of Char Cloth, natural Amadou or Chaga tinder fungus near to the point where the sparks will land, when the Mini PyroFlint™ Fire Block is struck an ember can easily be created. This glowing ember can be placed in a Tinder Bundle and then blown into a flame. Alternatively a direct flame can be created if the sparks are made to land on a small piece of natural Kapok or fluffed up cotton wool, which has been treated with some oil or petroleum gel.

You can purchase the Mini PyroFlint™ Fire Block either singly or in batches of five; if you require larger quantities please Contact Us where we will be happy to offer you a larger quantities discount.

For more information about other techniques of fire lighting that can be used with the Mini PyroFlint™ Fire Block, please see making a fire from sparks or visit our Bushcraft Articles & Tips page.

This video shows my son Jamie, who was 6-years old at the time, lighting a fire using a standard Ferrocerium Fire Flint, Char Cloth, Jute Tinder and a piece of Natural Flint (the Natural flint was not very sharp, which is why it took severalattempts to create a spark).