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Traditional 'Flint & Steel' Striker
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Exclusive Shark Striker This is our traditional 'Flint & Steel' Exclusive Shark Striker, coimmissioned by us from Dorset Woodland Blades.
  • Exclusive Shark Tinderbox traditional ‘Flint & Steel’ Striker
  • Incorporating the unique Shark logo design
  • Easy to hold and use
  • High spark yielding
  • 2,000 year old fire lighting technology
  • Measures 80mm long by 35mm wide by 3mm thick
  • Limited stock availability

The use of sparks to create fire is an ancient technology that stretches back through the annals of time for well over 14,000 years. From its inception to around 2,000 years ago this fire lighting technique was used with nodules of Iron Pyrite and Natural Flint.

With the development of steel, however, the process was dramatically improved, transforming the technique into a worldwide phenomenon. The use of steel produced much hotter sparks when struck against Natural Flint, compared to the relatively cool sparks produced from Pyrite & Flint. These hotter sparks made the whole process of fire lighting a whole lot easier and a heck of a lot more reliable, it also enabled a greater variety of Tinder types to be used.

Following on from this 2,000 year old fire making technology, we, at Shark Tinderbox, are proud to introduce our traditional ‘Flint & Steel Exclusive Shark Striker that has been specially commissioned, by us, from Dorset Woodland Blades, and incorporates our Shark logo into the design. The Shark logo design bestows a beautifully pleasing motif that makes this outstanding piece of fire lighting kit quite unique. There is a limited number of these unique Strikers, which can only be purchased on a first come first serve basis.

Our Exclusive Shark Striker is both easy to hold and use, it has a small lanyard hole at one end so that it can be worn around the neck, hung from a belt or kept on the outside of a traditional Tinder Pouch. This high quality Exclusive Shark Striker measures 80mm (3 1/8 inches) long by 35mm (1 3/8 inches) wide by 3mm (1/8 inch) thick. Whilst it is small enough to be placed is a small Tinderbox or Tinder Pouch, it is large enough, and tough enough, to provide many, many years of service, even if used on a daily basis.

Creating The Oval Striker

Designed by Mark Hordon, our traditional ‘Flint & Steel’ Exclusive Shark Striker incorporating our Shark logo has been made using a technique called ‘Ajoure’, which is very similar to ‘Filigree’ metal working. Filigree is the technique of working threads of metal together into an open lattice work design, creating designed holes, or spaces, as part of the construction process. Ajoure, however, works more the other way around, rather than creating a motif or design in metal by adding wire, it is more about cutting holes out of metal, to create a motif or design. Although ajoure is more usually associated with the creation of jewellery, such as pendants or brooches, it has, on this occasion been adapted to create something a little more robust.

Creating our high quality traditional Striker, involved some art work, a computer and the use of a high powered LASER. Whilst some may say that the use of a computer and a LASER is not exactly a ‘Traditional’ way to create a traditional ‘Flint & Steel’ Striker by the Ajoure method, we have to move with the times. Creating such a Striker by hand would make the Striker prohibitively expensive. Besides using a computer guided LASER produces a Striker with a consistent look and finish that is hard to beat by even the most skilled of hands. Once cut out, each Exclusive Shark Striker is specially heat treated so that it can used against a piece of Natural Flint and Tinder, such as Amadou, to knock off a shower of sparks which land on the Tinder and thereby create ember. The rest of the fire making process is written about at length in several articles shown on our Articles & Tips page.

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More information about our full range of traditional ‘Flint & Steel’ Tinderboxes plus our classic range of Hudson Bay Tinderboxes, as well as articles about traditional Fire Lighting techniques, such as making fires with sparks, visit our Articles & Tips page.

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