Swedish Fire Steel
Natural Antler Handle

Swedish FireSteel with Natural Antler Handle The photo shows the a beautiful Swedish FireSteel with Natural Antler handle.
  • Fitted with an Natural Antler Handle
  • Spark Temperature 3,100°C (5,600°F).
  • Will Ignite Most All Kinds of Tinder.
  • Size: 3/8-Inch Ø by 3-Inches Long.
  • Weight: 36 Grams.

These outstanding Firesteels measures 3/8-Inch (approx. 9mm) in diameter by about 4-1/2 Inches (approx. 115mm) long and weighs in at around 68 grams. They have a good sized natural antler handle that allows you to hold the Firesteel firmly in the hand even when wearing gloves. The natural Antler handle has an integral Lanyard hole and small lanyard for attaching to a Super Alloy Striker or belt etc.

These Firesteel ferrocerium rods are the most modern and highest quality Pyrophoric alloy fire-flints on the market. They are very easy and safe to use, and will provide you with many thousands of fires if used judiciously. They are capable of producing sparks at temperatures of around 3,100° Centigrade, or 5,600° Fahrenheit, which is hot enough to ignite just about every kind of tinder that there is.

They can be used to ignite a myriad of things that include Gas, paraffin or petrol stoves, Tinder Card, cotton wool, Amadou Tinder Fungus, the individual leaves from our exclusive Shark-Tinderbox 'Tinder Book', shredded Paper, birch bark, honey suckle bark, a whole host of other types of bark and Char Cloth. Click here to see how to use a PyroFlint™, you will be amazed at just how easy it is to use one of ourPyroFlints™.

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