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Traditional 'Flint & Steel'Fire Lighting
Traditional 'Pendant' Fire Steel
with Natural Flint
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Traditional 'Pendant' Fire Steel This is a Traditional 'Pendant' Fire Steel used for 'Flint & Steel' fire making.
  • Great for Traditional ‘Flint & Steel’ Fire Lighting
  • Small and Compact
  • Hand Forged

This small traditional Pendant Fire Steel is ideal for all of the traditional ‘Flint & Steel’ fire lighting techniques. Although this fire steel is very simple in designs, it does not detract from bountiful supply of sparks that it is able to produce when struck against a piece of flint and I am, most of the time, able to create an ember on the first strike.

This amazing traditional Pendant steel striker is hand forges for us by a well respected American blacksmith. It was designed and commissioned by us so that we could fit into some of our smaller Tinderboxes as well as be worn around the neck.

The Pendant steel striker is used for traditional ‘Flint & Steel’ fire making, where high quality craftsmanship and spark production is a standard requirement. Used with Amadou tinder fungus or Char Cloth, the sparks created from this top quality steel striker will easily form an ember that can be used to ignite a tinder bundle.

The Pendant Fire Steel measures approximately 2-1/4 Inches (55mm) Long by 3/4 Inch (17mm) Wide by 1/8 Inch (3mm) Thick.

PLEASE NOTE: This item does not include the leather thonging.

More information about our full range of traditional ‘Flint & Steel’ Tinderboxes plus our classic range of Hudson Bay Tinderboxes, as well as articles about traditional Fire Lighting techniques, such as making fires with sparks, visit our Articles & Tips page.

Home / Fire - Traditional Fire Steels / Traditional 'Pendant' Fire Steel