Shark Tinderbox
Bushkey Fire Steel
5-in-1 Fire Lighting Tool
with Natural Flint

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Shark Bushkey Steel Striker The photo shows the Shark Tinderbox - Bushkey 5-in-1 Tool traditional 'Flint & Steel' fire making Steel Striker.
Shark Bushkey Steel Striker Flint and Amadou The photo shows the Shark Tinderbox - Bushkey Fire Steel 5-in-1 Tool with some Natural Flint and Amadou Tinder Fungus.
  • Amazing 5-in-1 Tool
  • Great for Traditional ‘Flint & Steel’ Fire Lighting
  • Made by Dorset Woodland Blades

The Shark Tinderbox - Bushkey Fire Steel is a fantastic combination tool that, for once, is well thought out. It is primarily the same as the Bushkey, in that it has the standard five tools associated with this product and comes complete with a Lanyard hole.

The five tools on the Shark Bushkey are good for:

  • Fire Lighting with Traditional ‘Flint & Steel.’
  • Efficiently Strikes Sparks from Modern Ferrocerium Fire Steels.
  • Removing Bottle Caps to get at the Beer.
  • Opening Tin Cans So That You Can Sit Around the Camp Fire and Eat Beans.
  • Unscrew or Screw Up Wood Screws.

We commissioned Dorset Woodland Blades to make us a batch of these great little tools, with just one slight design alteration. We asked them to alter the ‘Flint & Steel’ striking surface of the Bushkey Fire Steel, rounding it slightly to offer a more pleasant striking action when used for this kind of fire lighting. So the only principle difference between the two is the Shark Tinderbox - Bushkey Fire Steel has a rounded traditional ‘Flint & Steel.’ Instead of a straight.

This extremely well made mini pocket 5-in-1tool measures approximately 2-3/8 Inches (60mm) Long by 3/4 Inch (18mm) Wide by 1/8 Inch (3mm) Thick.

PLEASE NOTE: The Amadou Tinder Fungus shown in the above photo is not included in this sale.

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