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2-Inch Magnesium Fire Starter

  • Magnesium and Ferrocerium Fire Starter
  • Can Start Many Hundreds of Fires
  • Completely Waterproof & Weather
  • Burns at Around 3000°C (5000°F)
  • Full Length 5mm Diameter Ferrocerium Fire Flint
  • 2” (51mm) by 5 1/8” (27mm) by 3/8” (9mm)
  • Complete with Striker Blade-Saw

This simple 2-Inch BCB Magnesium Fire Starter is the smaller and lighter weight version of the 3 Inch Magnesium Fire starter. It is completely waterproof and weatherproof, requires no maintenance, or refilling yet can be used for starting many hundreds of fires.

To use the 2-Inch BCB Magnesium Fire Starter is simplicity itself, just shave some magnesium from the side of the main into a pile, using your knife or the Steel Striker provided. Shaving the magnesium onto some kind of platform, such as a dry leaf or small piece of wood or paper will aid in the fire lighting procedure as it will enable you to move the magnesium shavings around to achieve most advantageous positioning for the best results. The small pile of magnesium should be optimally about the same size as your thumbnail; however, if the weather is warm and not windy and you think that you can get away with it, a smaller pile may suffice. On windy days, you will need to protect the magnesium shavings from being blown away.

Once you think that you have enough magnesium shavings to ignite your fire, turn the device around and strike the Ferrocerium rod with a knife blade, piece of natural flint or glass etc into the pile of magnesium that you have previously formed. Once one of the super white hot sparks from the artificial fire flint touches the magnesium pile it will burn, with a heat output in excess of 3000°C (5000°F), which will ignite just about any tinder that it was placed under. The heat output is so great that the burning magnesium will even set light to damp and sometimes wet tinder that would normally be difficult or impossible to light.

When an emergency requires that you make a fire with absolute certainty, you should always create a lot more of magnesium shavings than you would normally use. When lives are at stake you should not mess about with unnecessary failures.

This 2-Inch BCB Magnesium Fire Flint measures 2 Inches (51mm) Long by 5 1/8 Inches (27mm) Wide by 3/8 Inch (9mm) Thick, with a full length, 5mm Ø striker fire flint attached to the magnesium body.

The Ferrocerium fire flint and the magnesium body will last you many years of constant reliable fire lighting, is small enough to be included in a Survival kit and complete with Striker Blade-Saw.

More information about making fires with sparks or our full range of Tinderboxes can be found on our Articles & Tips page.

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