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Metal Match Lighter
Square Body

  • Main body is 38 x 28 x 10mm.
  • Weight: Approximately 24 grams.
  • Refillable Petrol Lighter.
  • Strikes Just Like a Match.

This great little Metal Match lighter, is 38mm long with a striking Ferrocerium flint rod that is 38mm long and 2mm Ø. It come complete with a Metal Match striker, which burns standard petrol or lighter fuel, by simply removing the Metal Match striker from the fuel reservoir and striking it along the Sparking Flint to create a flame just like you would by striking a standard wooden match.

The reservoir is filled with just a few drops of either petrol, or lighter fuel, however we recommend proper lighter fuel, since it burns with a clean flame, whilst petrol gives off a sooty flame. Should the Metal Match ever run out of fuel, you can still start a fire using the Ferrocerium bar (see our article Making Fire From Sparks) that is attached to the side of this tool. Just strike a shower of sparks into some dry tinder and away you go.

The Metal-Match Lighter can be attached to any key-ring or lanyard via the sturdy Key-ring/lanyard attachment. This is a great little fire lighting bit of kit, and is a must for all outdoor enthusiasts.

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