Shark Tinderbox
Handmade Traditional
Sulphur Matches

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  • Ideal for use in Traditional Tinderboxes.
  • Create a Direct Flame from a Glowing Ember.
  • Use lit match to ignite a candle or fire
  • 1X Double-Headed Sulphur Matches = 2 Fires
  • Safe to Use and Store

The Sulphur Match has been use for thousands of years as a method for creating a fast and direct flame from a glowing ember, such as from a piece of Char Cloth without the need to go through the Tinder Bundle technique, which is so very smoky and only suitable for outdoor use. Since the sulphur in a Sulphur Match ignites at a temperature of around 440° Centigrade, by simply placing the tip of the Sulphur Match against the glowing ember, it will begin to melt and then it will ignite, thus it is suitable for making a direct flame in confined spaces.

Once alight, it will burn with a beautiful blue flame, which is not always easy to see, especially if there is a lot of ambient light, such as sunlight. However, if you are not able to see a flame, you can bet your bottom dollar that you will smell it, because when sulphur burn in air, it gives off pungent and suffocating fumes that will choke you if you breath them in; these fumes are sulphur dioxide. When the burning sulphur takes hold it will ignite the wooden spill, which can then be used to ignite a candle or fire etc.

Sulphur Matches are safe to use, and keep well in a traditional Tinderbox, or other container, since they cannot accidentally be ignited by friction. Sulphur Matches will only ignite when heated by a glowing ember or flame.

There are approximately 100 double-headed handmade traditional Sulphur Matches , which is enough for about 200 fires.

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