Logmatic - Wedge Axe

The Logmatic - Wedge Axe The Logmatic - Wedge Axe
Logmatic - Wedge Axe it's childs play! Logmatic - Wedge Axe it's childs play!
Logmatic - Wedge Axe in action Logmatic - Wedge Axe in action
  • Safe to Use
  • Easy as 1, 2, 3 to use
  • Ergonomic and Extremely Efficient to Use
  • Accurate Even With Repeated Blows
  • So Simple a Child Can Use It

The Logmatic – Wedge Axe (LM-250) is a truly revolutionary and innovative alternative to conventional firewood splitting. It perfectly combines the simple and practical technology of a traditional splitting wedge with a hefty striking bar to simply and easily split even the biggest and toughest logs, splitting them into firewood and kindling as easily as 1, 2, 3. Simple to Use – Even a child can use it.

  1. Select the striking point with care by placing the wedge axe’s wedge-shaped point precisely where you want to split the block of wood. Begin splitting the block of wood from the edges – it’s easier that way.
  2. Lift the striking bar up. It slides up and down inside the tube extending upwards from the wedge-shaped point and the wedge blade remains constantly in place.
  3. Strike the striking bar down and it will cause the wedge point to embed itself in the wood. You can strike softly or hard – just as you like – and use repeated blows as necessary.


One of the biggest problems there is when people are splitting logs is Safety. There are too many people who simply pick up an axe and begin to cleave away at a log, with no heed to their, or anyone else’s safety. When a one-kilo piece of sharpened steel is unsteadily, and inaccurately, aimed at the end of a small log that is being held by the persons other hand there is a greater than average chance that some fingers will fall off. You think that this could never happen … let me assure you it can, because I seen it. My only thought at the time as I saw the axe repeatedly come crashing down onto the log, was to close my eyes so that I did not witness how red the area was going to become and how many fingers was he going to lose. Luckily for me, my worst fears did not come true … oh, and for him as well!

The Logmatic – Wedge Axe is just about as safe as it get, when splitting logs that is, unless you get someone else to do it for you. The simple up and down action of the Logmatic – Wedge Axe directs all of the force into one accurately placed area of the log, and if the log does not immediately split then a second, third or fourth blow is automatically directed into the exact same area of the log as the first. There is no need to have a massive safety bubble around you since the Logmatic – Wedge Axe is not being swung around your body, as would be an ordinary axe. In addition, you can take advantage of any natural cracks that may be present within the log, which is very hard to do with an ordinary axe, unless you are quite skilled at using and aiming one.

The Logmatic - Wedge Axe is truly a safe and easy system to use. It will allow you to split logs safely and ergonomically, and splitting takes considerably less time than with an axe.

The Logmatic – Splitting Basket

To make the Logmatic – Wedge Axe even more efficient it is advised that a Logmatic Splitting Basket (LM- 1000) be used, which will securely support several logs all at once. By supporting several logs, all at the same time, the basket allows you to concentrate on the actual splitting of the logs and not have to worry about supporting each log as it is being split. In addition, as each log is split, it continues to support the logs that are yet to be split. Once all of the logs have been divide the Logmatic – Splitting Basket then functions as a smart log carrier, and basket or rack, at your fireside.

Splitting firewood and kindling has never been so simple, safe, efficient and ergonomic!


  • Weight: 5.5 kg
  • Length min./max: 105/155 cm
  • Hand grips: Rubber
  • Blade guard: Yes
  • Stopper for striking bar: Yes
  • Striking bar lock: Yes
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